Nick Klimenko

Nick Klimenko, composer & sound designerNick Klimenko, composer & sound designer, certified teacher of Steinberg/Yamaha & PluginBotique companies.

Nick is a head of a well-known Chronos group – one of the world’s leading Ambient musical project. Since Nick’s first serious release in 2004 with Chronos project he composed 15 albums & more than 100 releases in whole as well as sound libraries for NI Kontakt, Educational Courses & Soundsets for many synths: Sylenth1, Massive, Korg Polysix, Yamaha AN-1X, Spire, Access Virus, Animoog, Roland System-1. In 2010 Korg supported the official bank for Micro-X model on their German website – it was a great inspiration for Nick to move on.

His story began with the inspiration provided by his older brother that was involved in electronic music since 90’s as a part of musical band “Virtual Mode” focused on breakbeat & jungle music with a gentle touch of intelligence & atmosphere. Nick started to create music in 1997 using old tracker systems like Mod Plug and Impulse tracker. In comparison with today’s DAW sequencers they were low-functional: no midi, no VST – only samples. But it was really fun to start. In 2004 Nick found Cubase as a very powerful and inspiring DAW.

Otto Schwarz

Otto Schwarz is a founder of Ephilion project, composer, mastering engineer and sound designer.

His career as a sound designer started in 2011 with the official soundbank for the leading Virus TI synthesizer.

Later he participated in different projects e.g. new banks for NI Kontakt.

Also, he is traveling around the globe making field recordings in such places as the islands of Indonesia, mountains and temples of China, sacred places of Israel, all around Europe, and many other countries.

As a composer, he released his first album «Entering Ephi’s Dimension» in 2013 and revealed a new perspective on Ambient music reflected in a multifaceted sound and subtle approach to the sound design, with an influence of neo-classical sound and experimental maneuvers.

Alex Diakov

Alex Diakov (project DIAKOV) is a musician and sound designer from Moscow, Russia. Born in 1971, he explored rock music as a guitarist of several indie groups and after starting with own electronic studio in 2004 devoted himself to investigations of electronic sound.

Till the 2013 he used to make collaborations with Russian musicians in dance music, but after a while stopped with groove patterns focusing on the ambient landscapes based on real nature sounds and rhythmic patterns of flora and fauna.

Having been using best hardware like Access Virus C and products by TC ELECTRONIC like FireworX and Powercore, Alex produces his own sound structures opening spaces of pure beauty and clearness of lofty human soul in a miraculous world named Earth.

As a part of LFO project, the long-term friend and co-thinker of Nick and Otto, Alex shares his sound presets – the result of years of sound investigations and music composing.