☆☆Korg Minilogue “Not Mini” Soundset 70 Presets


Get ready for the most powerfull & fat analog sounds you ever heard on Korg Minilogue! Powerfull basses,leads, modular sequences, lush strings & pads, groovy
arpegios & more. 70 inspired sounds made by Nick Klimenko.
For almost every sound – we created a sequence,so push play button!
Also we had programmed unusual modulation with slider to show extended Minilogue possibilities.


Total List Of Presets:

NK VCO Power
NK Dreamer
NK Base Hook
NK PolyBaby
NK Low Sun
NK Smooth
NK Danger
NK Circus
NK Duo Mod
NK OverT
NK Hypno
NK Sunny
NK Model D
NK Power
NK Acidrop
NK Line 6
NK Dropz
NK Blurred
NK Complex
NK Minor
NK LongWay
NK RealFun
NK FireStart
NK Modular
NK PolyHoly
NK Welcome
NK StringOne
NK UGround
NK Soft Pad
NK Soft S
NK Analog
NK SloPad
NK SyncSeq
NK GoesDown
NK Juno 60
NK TimesGood
NK TimesBest
NK Can you?
NK Patriot
NK 🙂 ;-D
NK Arp 😀
NK Strike
NK RealAlive
NK Hlooook
NK Wow! How?
NK Prophet!!
NK DoMod
NK Structure
NK Orgnic
NK LfOsc
NK Wellwell
NK UniPony
NK Bite Me?
NK Phaze
NK Delayed
NK Stoppp
NK Morph
NK WhereRu?
NK Poly6
NK Jupiter 6
NK Metal
NK Broken
NK Wobbling
NK Haste
NK Go 🙂
NK TommyGun
NK See ya!


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