How can i load your sounds in my Synth?
Most of our products are going in SYX (sysex) format. Its wordwide format which using most of modern & vintage synthesizers.

How to load presets in SYX written here by Don Solaris. Easy in 2 minutes. Take your time and learn this usefull option to work with any synthesizer.

We are not offering convert our products on any cards (we dont have) in any other formats besides Midi,Sysex & as exception – special formats for some synths with deep instruction from us always attached.

Why so expensive/Greedy World/Other Cinderella Songs
On most of our banks we having a team of 4-5 people. Every soundset taking 1.5-2 months of work in this directions:

  • Sounddesign
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Patches & Presets Demonstration/Arrangement.
  • Promo

Believe us, its very hard work.
We are not office men, we choose soundwork as the main thing in our life
& its our everyday & only work & our bread & water 🙂

Imagine situation: after hardwork in office during one month, at the end your chief said:
“Thanks,Man! You worked for free, its a huge respect from audience & our clients.Please do more”

Our wifes & girlfriends havent seen us days & weeks.

We believe that only those who never made his own 64 presets can say that the work which coasts 2 cups of cofee
can be expensive with 2 moths of time & a team of hard work.

Anyway, why so expensive? 🙂
Check our mailing – we are usual making discounts.
Check our bundles on most popular products.
Black Friday – we gave 40% of all.

Enjoy & Be Kind.

Money Refund?
Once you click download button – we cannot give your money back.
In some cases we can make exchange to the other products but its always individually regarding situation.
Please, read description till the end Before push “Buy” Button.
How to load patches in Behringer Analog Synths?
First of all we thought it’s a joke 🙂
But after having lots of messages with the same question, here is the answer:

You recieved pdf booklet & mp3 (wav) examples.
Its impossible load them into synth in two reasons:

1.Behringer Synths (besided DeepMind) don’t have digital memory & you cannot load patches, only save patterns of sequencer
2. You cannot load pictures & mp3’s in any synth.

Using pictures of booklet & audio examples you can re-create our sounds.
It’s the only was for working with patches in 70s-90s & nowdays.

Opsix Native Preset Installation
Copy the presets to the folder KORG/opsix native/Presets/User reload the plugin, you can also reload the system, you’re done.