How can i load your sounds in my Synth?
Most of our products are going in SYX (sysex) format. It’s worldwide format which using most of the modern & vintage synthesizers.

All about sysex format – What is this? – https://coffeeshopped.com/sysex

How to load presets in SYX written here by Don Solaris. Easy in 2 minutes. Take your time and learn this useful option to work with any synthesizer.

We are not offering convert our products on any cards (we don’t have) in any other formats besides Midi, Sysex & as exception – special formats for some synths with deep instruction from us always attached.

Why so expensive/Greedy World/Other Cinderella Songs
On most of our banks we are having a team of 4-5 people. Every soundset taking 1.5-2 months of work in these directions:

  • Sounddesign
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Patches & Presets Demonstration/Arrangement.
  • Promo

Believe us, its very hard work.
We are not office men, we choose soundwork as the main thing in our life
& its our everyday & only work & our bread & water 🙂

Imagine situation: after hardwork in office during one month, at the end your chief said:
“Thanks, Man! You worked for free, it’s a huge respect from audience & to our clients. Please do more”

Our wives & girlfriends haven’t seen us days & in weeks.

We believe that only those who never made his own 64 presets can say that the work which coasts 2 cups of coffee can be expensive with 2 moths of time & a team of hard work.

Anyway, why so expensive? 🙂
Check our mailing – we are usual making discounts.
Check our bundles on most popular products.
Black Friday – we gave 40% of all.

Enjoy & Be Kind.

Money Refund?
Once you click download button – we cannot give your money back.
In some cases we can make exchange to the other products but its always individually regarding situation.
Please, read description till the end Before push “Buy” Button.
How to load patches in Behringer Analog Synths?
Firstly, we thought it’s a joke 🙂
But after having lots of messages with the same question, here is the answer:

You received pdf booklet & mp3 (wav) examples.
It’s impossible to load them into synth for two reasons:

1.Behringer Synths (beside DeepMind) don’t have digital memory & you cannot load patches, only save patterns of sequencer
2. You cannot load pictures & mp3’s in any synth.

Using pictures of booklet & audio examples, you can re-create our sounds.
It’s the only was for working with patches in 70s-90s & nowadays.

Opsix Native Preset Installation
Copy the presets to the folder KORG/opsix native/Presets/User reload the plugin, you can also reload the system, you’re done.
Wavestate & Modwave Native - Multiple user banks into one place
Firstly, you can really only install one user bank. By creating a folder and putting inside that folder the files that you send. e.g. the Sampled WS2.korgcompiledbank file. So your instructions are sort of correct. Then you let Wavestate know where this bank resides. And it will work, for sure.
But the problem exists when you start buying multiple banks with user samples in them. So you put a second bank of sounds into a folder which is all well and good and then Wavestate knows where that is. But when you attempt to open a preset from the first user sampled bank, Wavestate won’t find the samples. The sound will not load. Because it only knows the location of the second user sampled bank.
So I have been trying to figure out how do you put multiple user banks into one place so Wavestate knows where they ALL are! After some considerable research, I have found out how to do this.
Here are the steps.
  1. Update Wavestate so it’s at the current version which is 1.1.1 currently.
  2. You need the Sample Builder app in order to put multiple sample user banks into one place. And for them to ALL be recognized.
  3. Firstly, you have decided where all these sampled user banks are going to live. Then you create a folder and call it something like Wavestate User sample banks.
  4. Now when someone like you Nick sends out a bank with sampled sounds in it, then it needs to be downloaded and unzipped. But do not move any folders though inside the unzipped folder.
  5. Open Sample Builder and click on Open Bank. Select BANK at top right. Now navigate to the unzipped folder you have just bought from say LFO Store and find theSampled WS2.korgcompiledbank file. As per your instructions. Then this bank will load into Sample Builder. Now click on Save Bank for Plug-In. From here you do two things. You navigate to the folder you have just created to store multiple user sample banks. Secondly, you must name this file. E.g. LFO Store Meditation. Then you click save. What happens now is you end up with a bank titled e.g. LFO Store Meditation.korgcompiledbank.This will be inside your user samples bank folder.
  6. Suppose you buy another bank of sounds from LFO store. e.g. Cinematic Soundscapes. Repeat Step 5 above, except you will name it LFO Store Cinematic Soundscapes, and it will end up as a LFO Store Cinematic Soundscapes.korgcompiledbank file in the same user samples folder you have created. And this will be next to your meditation bank files as well in the same folder.
  7. Now all you have to do is let Wavestate know where the User Samples folder is with these two Korg Compiled Bank files inside them. Wavestate only has to know where one folder is now. You can put many user sampled banks in there as lang as you name them correctly.
  8. As fas as I can tell, there is NO 4 Gig limit with the Native either.
  9. This also applies to Modwave Native as well.
Ar turia Microfreak & Minifreak presets
​Ar​turia Microfreak & Minifreak presets are N​ot compatible (period).
Roland Boutique JD-08 Questions


Long story short:Roland became lazy on JD and did not make sysex support (like on original JD and like on D-05 boutique, for example). So you cannot save/load. One patch from bank, or choose which ones you want to save/load.

Only all patches at a time.

In our case we had hard time but manage to save our sounds in right place.

So when you will upload our soundset it will replace all 4 banks.

A&B still be factory.

And it’s not hard to understand regarding Roland – when the original inventor of the company left our planet, Roland became worse: no new original products of most, only replicas.

No adequate support of their products and clients.

Strikes to sound design companies (we had one).

Quality of manufacturing on many products became poor. Which is very sad.