Power of 3D Printing & our new partner

Mighty Alesis Quadrasynth came to our studio in a good condition. LSD Display was a bit dimm but all other stuff was in a perfect shape.

We clear it and then recognized that Quadra having problems with PB & MW. Both wheels were damaged & looks like synth overcome a fire in the studio.

It was impossible to recover them, so we started to search the decisions – and our great friend
Vladimir suggest his 3D printing company – Can Touch.

Guys are making a wide range of details for industry purposes and private clients.

3d Printing & mount process


So, engineers took our old wheels – scan them and then make digital restoration and print them
on 3d printer and then color it in black.

After printing we exchange old ones to the new ones, and they look/feels even better!

We are very thankful to Vladimir & Can Touch Company! Now our Quadrasynth in a perfect shape & ready to go making sounddesign!

So – we are now in collaboration with www.can-touch.ru and can help you to make any details for
your musical instruments:


If you are having old ones guys can scan them and restore or if you are having drawings – guys can print new details for you – any complexity.

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