How to export KORG DW-6000/8000 presets in Sysex & Midi format to your computer?

Due to your numerous requests to make an “Analog Pearl” bank in the Sisex format, instead of the tape interface, I plunged into the study of the midi protocol in the Korg DW-8000.

It turned out everything is not so simple.

To transfer 64 presets from the synthesizer, a special Midi Dump Request command is required.

The instructions are written very vaguely and blurry, without specific code.

So I turned to various editors, librarians, and websites.

After some digging, I found 2 ways out of the situation.

For PC it’s the good old Sound Diver – it works flawlessly.

Slowly reads all 64 cells and allows you to save them to an MDI file, which can then be transferred to Sysex.

And for a Mac computer, there was only a site with a paid registration, to which you can connect via midi and save / load presets and banks to the DW8000 and vice versa.

Free version immaculately downloads sounds to the list, but to save them to your computer you need a paid subscription. 


After saving in Midi format, the presets can also be loaded into the free Korg DW-8000 emulator from Full Bucket Music Company, which sounds quite adequate and reliable, as far as the computer processor allows. 


Now you can enjoy the amazing deep sound of the DW family without limits.

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