☆☆Zoom MS-70CDR – “Galactic Spaces” 50 presets

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50 custom presets made for wonderful pedal Zoom MS-70 CDR by Nick Klimenko, www.lfo.store Team.

Using algorithms like:

  • Pith Shifters
  • Shimmer
  • Black Hole
  • Delay
  • Different Types of Reverberation & Chorusing

You can dive your instrument (synth or guitar) into cosmic abyss to create deep ambient landscapes or play live.

All the presets can be easily loaded via usb inside the pedal using this wonderful resource: 


For this demo we used Korg Monologue synth with its dry initial sound. So all the fx you hear – are going from Zoom MS-70 CDR, tempo synced.

Buy: https://sellfy.com/p/kDxt/

Coast: 10 $

Zoom MS Series

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Soundcloud demo:

Reviews from Youtube

I have a monologue, and a CDR. Nice tone bro!🎹🎧💫😵👌👍
Max Matson

damn… got an ms100bt, but no way to load these onto it.

I seriously believe if you own a Zoom MS-70 CDR you need no other pedal. Add Nick’s presets to it and you have an excellent Fx setup.
George Armstrong

Great cheap multi effects pedal for synths. The great thing about this pedal is you can chain the effects. You can chain up to 6 effects. I chained dual reverb, mod delay, exciter and air. The result is on par with those higher end pedals.

Thank you, this is a very well done demo. Using the same sound from the same synth really helps me hear the effects and differences between algorithms. Excellent.
Wilderness Music

brother, you are amazing!!!!! Thank you… You saved me some money
June Lopez

I have the “monologue” in red myself🎹 along with a “CDR”.. Good taste!👌👍👍
Max Matson

Great sounds! I have never seen that web midi interface page before! That’s awesome!
The Drümünkey

Nice demo, this pedal is the best bang for your buck you can get, its not just reverbs and delays, i liked it so much I bought two for under £200, use two in series for some way out effects, just right for synth heads.

Thanks! Bought it!

this is actually pretty good.. didn’t expect that from such a cheap pedal!
Vader Porgel

Thanks for this demo! This pedal would sound absolutely monstrous on an EWI 4000s.
Chris Molyneaux

Awesome – really like the MS-70 CDR. I have two of them 🙂
Henrik Fugmann

This pedal is rendering the high end fare (e.g., Strymon, Meris, Eventide) almost obsolete! At least from a synth perspective. Wondering if I could ask which setting you engaged at 7:27?
Scott Sweatshirt

Thanks, very useful demo! Makes me wonder if it’s really worth the crazy strymon and line 6 prices. I was looking at the Timeline or Big Sky as I hear some great things from them or convenient chainable multi-effects such as the Helix LT with it’s lovely colour interface. I hear a lot of nice stuff from this too – who knows if I could really tell the difference. A Zoom G3N could be ideal as i’m sure it sounds the same as this but has 3 screens and 12 knobs and costs barely over £100 so I could run all different kinds of combinations together without sacrificing hands on control or visual displays.
Made In Machines

Very nice demo.😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

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  1. Beau

    These patches are superb! For those of you using the CDR70 with a hardware synth, you have likely figured out that the built in patches are really designed for guitar. While I have made loads of my own patches on this unit, I wanted a different perspective from a fresh set of ears & fellow synthesist. I will probably leave these loaded on the unit for a good long time, and make mild tweaks to my liking as I go along.

    My one and only gripe is that on a number of the patches, some of the items in the chain are actually beyond max processing capacity of the unit, and are therefore marked as “thru”. I wonder what those sound like with all items in the chain on. But even so, every patch sounds great regardless of that. Cheers!

  2. Eyeorderchaos

    “Very nice!”

  3. Noel Carl Dorado

    “Amazing Presets ”

  4. The Drümünkey

    “Great sounds!”

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