Access Virus 192 Presets Bundle!

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Access Virus 22 Years Anniversary!

“Best Atmospheric Sounds” + “Best Analog&Vintage Sounds” Bundle!

Are you dreaming about your Virus synthesizer can sound like real analog? Whatever model you have – B, C, Ti, Ti2?

Whatever are you using for connection – analog jacks or usb? Welcome to 64 Best Analog & Vintage Sounds!

Powerful & rich sound modeling like never before. LFO team celebrates 10 Years of working with Access technologies – from A to TI2. 

Thanks for analog modeling technology which is great in Virus, we re-create Juno, Jupiter, Polysix, Prophet, CS-80 sounds with maximum authentic feeling. 

All sounds bpm syn cable & modulation wheel approved.

Powerful unison basses, stunning mono & poly leads, sharp plucks, dynamic & wide arps, deep & realistic strings great for soundtrack atmosphere, synth-pop & retro wave music, dance floor music.

Why 64 patches?

Remember all good vintage synths having 32 or 64 slots available? 🙂 


  • Basses: 6
  • Leads: 10
  • Plucks: 10
  • Strings/Pads: 18
  • Arps: 20 

Full list – see pictures Rediscover & Enjoy Your Virus!


This unique soundset – contains 128 atmospheric sounds. Over 120 pads & strings. 18 plucks, arps & bells. 

It’s the first time you can get so many useful atmospheric sounds for your production collected in one soundset.

Some of them was carefully selected from other banks & tuned&reworked. Some of them made from scratch.

Hint: For Virus Ti, Ti2 users – To get most great tone from sounds – use audio cables instead of USB audio. 

For Virus B users – if you feel cutted notes in poly patches – decrease unison voices. To load this sounds use Virus Editor, Virus HC Editor, or play .mid file using your favorite sequencer. 

Attention! It will delete all sounds in bank which in you put our sounds, so backup them first.

About Nick, the author of this soundset

Nick Chronos, composer & sound designer, certified teacher of Steinberg/Yamaha & PluginBotique companies. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

more info soundbanks

Reviews from YouTube

Holy shit, awesome set of sounds! Gotta love Virus synths!

These are really nice. 😀
Sierra Whiskey

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Virus is a great synth, but it has absolutely plastic, sterile and refined sound from any some pitch, amplitude and unison detune pan position fluctuations.
No matter what modulations you used in its matrix, I have TI2, but in most cases some vst’s like u-he Zebra, Repro-1, Diva and even Omnisphere analog patches sound more analog and detailed than Virus! Virus is very good for lifeless fat detuned trance leads, but for even simple bass/lead pulse for cinematic trailer sound it fits more u-he/spectrasonics stuff, and i dont say even about simple real analog synth like DSI Tetra.

Sounds good. Do the patch sound exactly the same on all Virus models?
Lars UK

These patches are stunning!!!!
Sean Neenan

Very good sound-set. Thanks, Nick!
Altar Records

My kind of sounds.
Nathan Coleman

Wow! You blew my mind
daniel ami

Must. Have. This. Synth.
Paul Fabian

For some reason, this sounds much nicer than the Virus TI. Warmer.
Aristotle Kumpis

A beautiful piece of equipment
Geoffrey Tracy

Very generic sounds. Sounds very digital, I mean like oldschool tetris or space games whatever
Downgrade Snapchat

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