Arturia Microfreak “Ambika” soundset 51 Atmospheric Presets

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“Black & White” Sequences

Nick Chronos & Igor Neuroq are pleased to present an atmospheric sound collection for the digital hipster synthesizer Arturia Microfreak.

!!! Required – MicroFreak Fiwmware – V3 !!!

DRY DEMO: Here “Ambika” is a combination or collaboration between hardware & software tech.

The Lushest sounds for Arturia Microfreak combined with deepest fx of Supermassive wonderful free of charge effect by Valhalla DSP.

We love Freak with all our heart as well as Valhalla DSP Virtual Fx.

We used a lot Valhalla effects in our past presentations & answered countless messages – what kind of vst fx you are using to process hardware?

Likewise, we are thinking that Supermassive is the best one for any hardware synth & its totally free one, thanks to Valhalla.

“Ambika” soundset consists of 50 atmospheric & organic sounds with newest MicroFreak Firmware – V3.

Enchance your Microfreak with our sounds & create your own melodies using our timbres!

Preset List:

  1. Delayed Bell
  2. Cobra Movement
  3. Shy Movement
  4. Phased Pluck
  5. Sunrise Strings
  6. Psy Pulse
  7. Vibra Bells
  8. Pulse Movement
  9. Rize Lead
  10. Crying Soul
  11. Lonely Whistle
  12. Wow Lead
  13. Church Bell
  14. Scream Lead
  15. Vibra Lead
  16. UFO Siren
  17. Drama Growl
  18. Sand Line
  19. Laughting Buddha
  20. Synthetic Cat
  21. Gnome Tales
  22. Medieval Arp
  23. Euro Strings
  24. Eastern Wind
  25. Retrodelic
  26. Broken Data
  27. Calleidoscope
  28. Divinorum
  29. Acidia
  30. Tidal Wave
  31. Dark Prayer
  32. Frozen Memory
  33. 1980X
  34. SpaceX
  35. Mountains Call
  36. Kundalini Rise
  37. Land Of Spirit
  38. Time Machine
  39. Pulsing Ray
  40. Noradrenaline
  41. -50C
  42. Hidden Danger
  43. Modul Brass
  44. Signals
  45. On-Off
  46. Vector Pad
  47. Ice Wobble

About Nick, the author of this soundset

Nick Chronos, composer & sound designer, certified teacher of Steinberg/Yamaha & PluginBotique companies. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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