KAV Arturia Minifreak “Dark Structures” Soundbank 40 patches

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Embark on a journey with “Dark Structures”, a unique collection. Compatible with both Minifreak and MinifreakV hardwareas.
Dive into 40 meticulously crafted presets, designed to elevate your music with:

  • Enveloping Atmospheres
  • Mesmerizing Fx
  • Ethereal Pads
  • Intricate textures
  • Inspiring Scapes

Each preset is a sonic journey waiting to unfold, inviting you to explore new dimensions of sound.

The demo tune was recorded in real time and does not contain external effects or any processing. 

Made by A.Kav

About Alexander Kav — author of this soundset

Alexander Kav (Nucleus project) musician, sound designer, experimenter. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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