Behringer Pro-800 – Retro Leads (50 Presets by Anton Anru)

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Retro Leads” is a collection of 50 patches for Behringer Pro-800.
The bank is dedicated to vintage/retro/lo-fi sound: detuned, noisy, tape-style with flutter, wow, jitter, and it covers a wide range of tones: warm and soft, cold and distant, bright and dark, static and evolving.

📚 This soundset is included in PRO-800 BUNDLE (200 Patches) with a 35% discount.

The presets are expressive: they are velocity-sensitive, aftertouch opens the filter, modwheel adds vibrato.

The soundset is suitable for many genres: ambient, electronica, IDM, trip-hop, lounge, downtempo, funk, jazz, pop, chill out, new age, cinematic, trance, deep, progressive, techno, breaks, jungle, drum and bass, dub and others.

Here is some technical information:

To load presets onto the device, please use the Synthtribe app, which is available on the official Behringer website.
The bank consists of 50 presets (00-49 slots are active, 50-99 are empty/init). You have the option to upload them all at once as a bank or load each preset individually, one by one.
Before loading new presets, I recommend backing up any slots on your synth that you are currently using.
Individual uploading is recommended if you already have presets stored in different banks (A, B, C, D). Uploading the entire bank will overwrite all existing presets in the selected bank. On the other hand, uploading presets individually offers more flexibility. You can save new presets without erasing the previous ones, and you can arrange them to suit your preferences.

At the time of releasing this bank, the latest app version is 2.6.7, and the firmware version is 1.4.1. During bank upload testing, all presets from 01 to 49 uploaded successfully. However, the very first preset (00) did not upload automatically and remained empty/init. You should upload the preset to this slot manually.

Another issue – titles of the presets on the synth. I figured out how to attach titles to the presets on the device. However, as soon as I send a title to the synth, a preset loses some settings/modulations. I recover the settings, save the preset, and it loses the title.

As a result, you can see the titles of the syx-files, but you won’t see the titles on the synth. The order of the presets inside my bank corresponds to the order inside the folder with the files.
I don’t think it’s a crucial thing, but I must warn you.

Drum and chord samples from the demo are not included to the soundset.

About Anru, the author of this soundset

Anton Anru is a producer, sound designer, mix engineer, and music production trainer. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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