DSI Prophet 12 – “Vintage 1978” Soundset

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Put the vintage sound of a Prophet 5 in your Prophet 12!

These Prophet 12 patches are based on the original presets of the Prophet 5, but with these patches you can use the sliders in real-time to “morph” the sounds so each patch is really like several.

This allows you to alter the sound into something very different and impossible to do on the original Prophet 5

With the extra controls you can alter the sound into something very different and impossible to do on the original Prophet 5.

They take advantage of the Prophet 12’s special features- effects, real-time slider controls, velocity, stereo output, and a powerful modulation matrix.

24 of the patches are based on the Prophet 5 with 4 more modern and aggressive patches included!

“Vintage 1978” Soundset by Erich Izdepski, aka digitl
28 Patches

Compatible: Prophet 12/Prophet 12 Rack

  • Leads: 9
  • Strings/Pads: 6
  • Keys: 8
  • Wind: 5

Enjoy playing and experimenting with your new Prophet 5 sounds straight out of 1978!

Single Patches

  1. Brass P5
  2. Low Strings P5
  3. Muted Clav P5
  4. Percussive EP P5
  5. Flutes P5
  6. Harpichord P5
  7. Sync I P5
  8. Percussive Organ P5
  9. Uni Glide Resonance P5
  10. Harmonium P5
  11. Organ Resonance P5
  12. Toy Piano P5
  13. Trumpet Flutes P5
  14. Filter Mod P5
  15. Reed Organ P5
  16. Brass in 5ths P5
  17. Pipe Organ Flutes P5
  18. Sync II P5
  19. Electric Piano P5
  20. Hi Strings P5
  21. Octave Saw P5
  22. Release Repeat P5
  23. Delayed Harmonics P5
  24. Echo Repeat P5
  25. Plus 4 bonus patches:
  26. Sync I EI
  27. Echo Beat PWM EI
  28. Filter Mod EI
  29. Ringer EI

About Erich, the author of this soundset

Erich Izdepski (aka SynthCrush) is a composer, sound designer, and software engineer.

When not making music, he works on tools to create great new sounds from software for the Mirage to the latest Kontakt, VST and VCVRack technology.

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