Dreadbox Typhon – Rhythm In Bass (64 Presets + Sequences)

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Rhythm In Bass is a collection of 64 Presets and Sequences for Dreadbox Typhon.

The soundset covers a wide range of genres and styles: Techno, House, Funk, Electro, Breaks, D’n’b, Pop, Lounge, Downtempo, Psy, and many others.

Each preset has its sequence. You may use it as it is, change it, or send notes from your DAW or any other external sequencer.

But I strongly recommend using the internal sequencer, as I thoroughly set modulations that are synced to the playback. These modulations make the presets and the sequences sound really expressive, dynamic, evolving without touching any parameters.

However, if you tweak Modwheel, Pitchblend (that are set in every preset), and front panel parameters, you will raise a timbre’s expression to the new level.

IMPORTANT! Make sure you have installed firmware 3.0 or higher. Use Typhon Presets Manager to upload the presets. Don’t rename the presets inside the app, this may lead to the loss of Modwheel and Pitchbend settings.

Inside the archive you will find the folder with A, B, C, D Banks, where A and B are factory presets, C – Initial, and D – is “Rhythm In Bass” soundset.

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