E-MU Proteus 2000 “SynthScape” sound bank 128 patches

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E-MU Proteus 2000 “SynthScape” sound bank 128 new patches!
E-MU Proteus 2000 is a wonderful synthesizer for all styles and trends.
Downloads are available as sys ex (.syx) files in User bank 2.

Soundset is very universal – here you will find:

  • Atmos
  • Bass
  • Pads
  • Texture
  • Scapes
  • Synth
  • Str
  • Fx

The demo tune was recorded in real time and does not contain external effects and overlays.Function used AUDITION.

Made by Alexander Kav

About Alexander Kav — author of this soundset

Alexander Kav (Nucleus project) musician, sound designer, experimenter. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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