Elektron Analog Four/Keys BUNDLE – Vintage Pads, Bass Machine, Evolving Voice (192 Presets total)

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Elektron Analog Four BUNDLE consists of three soundsets: Vintage Pads, Bass Machine, and Evolving Voice. 192 presets total.

Vintage Pads” is a collection of 64 sounds for Elektron Analog Four.
It includes: 21 Pads, 16 Strings, 15 Textures, 12 Drones.
The bank of presets features various tones: warm and soft, cold and distant, bright and dark, static and evolving, detuned, noisy, lo-fi…

Bass Machine” is a collection of 64 sounds for Elektron Analog Four.
The bank of presets features various tones: soft, hard, metallic, vintage, modern, deep, bright, aggressive, epic, acid, sub…

Evolving Voice” is a collection of 64 sounds for Elektron Analog Four.
Movement is the main focus of the soundset. The patches feature modulations that change the sound over time — whether slow or fast, tempo-synced or free-running, complex or simple.

The pack includes: 33 Leads, 16 FXs, 15 Chords. The chords are not polyphonic; they utilize a single voice. The chords are crafted with oscillators tuned to different intervals. When you press a single key, you obtain a minor or major chord. You can transpose the chords using keys. Additionally, you may use Parameter Lock (changing oscillators in semitones) to switch between minor and major or vice versa to seamlessly fit a chord into a progression.

The soundsets are suitable for a wide range of genres: techno, house, deep, minimal, progressive, trance, ambient, electronica, IDM, trip-hop, lounge, downtempo, chill out, new age, cinematic, industrial, breakbeat, breaks, jungle, drum and bass, dub and many others.

All presets are Velocity-sensitive and have ModWheel modulations.

Important! The presets/demos are made on MK2. They are compatible with MK1/Keys, but they may sound differently from MK2 due to reworked analog circuitry and overdrive. If you own MK2, you’ll get the same sound as the demos have. If you are going to buy the presets for MK1, I can’t guarantee the same sound. The difference can be negligible in some presets, and more noticeable in others. If you are not sure about the sound, you may try 6 PADS DEMO PRESETS, 6 BASS DEMO PRESETS, and 6 EVOLVING DEMO PRESETS on your MK1 before the purchase.

Make sure you are using the latest firmware version.
The presets can be sent to A4 via Elektron Transfer app. The app is available on the official Elektron website.


  • Turn on A4 and connect it via USB to your computer.
  • Open the app.
  • Open Connection tab.
  • For MIDI in and MIDI out choose Analog Four, and push Connect.
  • Open Explore tab.
  • On the left side choose Computer, and locate the folder with the presets.
  • On the right side choose Sounds, and select a Bank you are going to use for the new presets.
  • Drag and drop presets from the left side to the right side (to the free slots on the device).
  • Few seconds and the presets are on your A4.
  • Have fun.

About Anru, the author of this soundset

Anton Anru is a producer, sound designer, mix engineer, and music production trainer. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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