Korg King Korg – “Cinematica vol.1” – 50 Organic Presets

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Welcome to the series of organic & motion sounds for almighty King Korg!
King Korg is a great analog modeling & sample-based dual engine beast with lots of colors and overall beautiful sounds.
Anton Bakhtin & Nick Klimenko continuing cinematic preset series with 50 brand new handcrafted presets ready to go in your tracks!
“Cinematica vol.1” contains:

  • Deep atmospheric & evolving pads
  • Bright Powerful Strings + re-creations of Juno & CS-80 Synthesizers
  • Beautiful Plucks with deep reverbs
  • Massive Basses & Leads
  • Great cinematic Arpeggios using intuitive King Korg arp system
  • Great “Bladerunner 2049” preset right from “Sea Wall” episode by Hans Zimmer.

All the patches reacting on MW, velocity and can be added as favorites on your synthesizer.
Charge your analog modeling King with new inspiration sounds!

  1. 198X Pad.kkprog
  2. Action Arp.kkprog
  3. Arpology.kkprog
  4. Autumn Pad.kkprog
  5. BladeRun2049.kkprog
  6. Cave Pluck.kkprog
  7. Cloud Pad.kkprog
  8. CS-80 Brass.kkprog
  9. Danger Arp.kkprog
  10. Dark Neon.kkprog
  11. Desert Angel.kkprog
  12. Dominator.kkprog
  13. Dusty Pad.kkprog
  14. Fat Pluck.kkprog
  15. Fate Arp.kkprog
  16. Gate Open.kkprog
  17. Gated Arp.kkprog
  18. Glass Pad.kkprog
  19. Hugh Me Pad.kkprog
  20. Hypno XX Arp.kkprog
  21. Invaders Pow.kkprog
  22. Juno String.kkprog
  23. Laser Harps.kkprog
  24. Lazy Pad.kkprog
  25. Light Pad.kklib
  26. Lucky Man.kkprog
  27. Memory.kkprog
  28. Metallic Arp.kkprog
  29. Milky Way.kkprog
  30. Mirror Arp.kkprog
  31. Moon Pad.kkprog
  32. Morze Pad.kkprog
  33. OB-8 String.kkprog
  34. Orbital.kkprog
  35. P5 Bass.kkprog
  36. Poly Arp.kkprog
  37. Poly-6 Arp.kkprog
  38. PolyFuture.kkprog
  39. Quasar Lead.kkprog
  40. Razor Arp.kkprog
  41. Scifi Arp.kkprog
  42. Sem Bass.kkprog
  43. Star Arp.kkprog
  44. Star Gaze.kkprog
  45. Star Pluck.kkprog
  46. Strobe.kkprog
  47. Sun Lead.kkprog
  48. Synergy.kkprog
  49. Vector Pad.kkprog
  50. Vibra.kkprog

Reviews from YouTube

Very nice!
Волк Волчатинка

It’s about time someone bought the King back to the Throne.
You’ve taken it to 11 sir!
Synth pest

Fantastic sound!!!
Dreams One Planetoid

About Nick, the author of this soundset

Nick Chronos, composer & sound designer, certified teacher of Steinberg/Yamaha & PluginBotique companies. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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About Anton — author of this soundset

Anton Sacral ReasonAnton Sacral Reason – composer, musician, dj, organizer of music parties and concerts in clubs, teacher of all Logic Pro X courses.

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