Korg M1/M1R “Cinematica” 50 Organic Presets

!This Product Working With Original Hardware M1 & M1R Synths & working with M1 VST Version!

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!This Product Only Working With Original Hardware M1 & M1R Synths. Not working with M1 VST Version & iM1 app !

Welcome to the second chapter of organic & motion sounds for almighty Korg M1 synthesizer!

After the successful Korg Wavestation series, we’ve got in our hands one of the most iconic workstations of the 90s – the M1

It sounds fantastic, but many of the sounds were overused in years & we didn’t find any modern recreations around the globe.

So we made a challenge to ourselves – made analog style patches with modern vision & also re-create classic ambient sounds.

Nick Klimenko continuing cinematic series with 50 brand new handcrafted presets ready to go in your tracks!

Synthwave, Original Soundtrack, Ambient, Retrowave – our sounds will inspire you on new creations!

  • Silky atmospheric & evolving pads
  • Bright powerful strings
  • Re-creations of famous: CS, Polysix, Juno, OB Sounds
  • Beautiful Plucks with deep reverbs
  • Edgy Basses & Leads


  • 0.NK Greek
  • 1.NK CS-60
  • 2.NK Softer
  • 3.NK MonoGoa
  • 4.NK Schulze
  • 5.NK OberS
  • 6.NK Natur
  • 7.NK AgeStr
  • 8.NK Morph
  • 9.NK Voxengo
  • 10.NK Serenad
  • 11.NK Magica
  • 12.NK FadeWay
  • 13.NK Hypnos
  • 14.NK AfterT
  • 15.NK Juno60
  • 16.NK DarkOne
  • 17.NK Dusty
  • 18.NK Grass
  • 19.NK VCO!
  • 20.NK Driftin
  • 21.NK Horizon
  • 22.NK Alive!
  • 23.NK Psycho
  • 24.NK Pangan
  • 25.NK VariVox
  • 26.NK HeavenP
  • 27.NK Goal
  • 28.NK Layerz
  • 29.NK P6 Str
  • 30.NK Innerl
  • 31.NK Rachel
  • 32.NK Gladiat
  • 33.NK Creamy
  • 34.NK Matrix6
  • 35.NK Cave Pad
  • 36.NK Holder
  • 37.NK Atoms
  • 38.NK Desert
  • 39.NK Ghostly
  • 40.NK Factor
  • 41.NK ObX
  • 42.NK Cathedr
  • 43.NK Skies
  • 44.NK JP8000
  • 45.NK UNI BS
  • 46.NK Stella
  • 47.NK Echoes
  • 48.NK Electra
  • 49.NK Farfisa
  • 50.NK Jettday

All the patches are handcrafted & reacts on MW & Aftertouch & velocity. Charge your M1 workstation with new inspiration sounds!

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