Korg Minilogue XD “Arakis” Dune Inspired Soundset

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Welcome to the Desert of Arakis! We had a huge inspiration after seeing the reboot of “Dune” and put all our effort to these sounds.

Our successful soundset for Korg Prologue for now compatible with Minilogue XD, Hooray!

How’s it possible?

With www.sunnysynths.com complex editor/librarian/patch convertor, highly recommended.

You ask for a long time & finally its here – complete soundset for Soundtrack creation! 50 Presets with wide range in timbrality and carefully selected modulations in Y +/- axis!

Here you will find all what you need for writing your desert soundtrack, electronic song, ambient & cinematic music:

  • Massive Basses
  • Moving Leads
  • Unusual modular Arpeggios
  • Recreation of famous sounds of Juno & CS Series
  • Beautiful cinematic strings – massive & wide
  • Organic pads & low drones
  • Bells & Plucks


  1. NK Soul Pad
  2. NK Arakis
  3. NK Leader On
  4. NK In Danger
  5. NK The Vox
  6. NK Lasa Bass
  7. NK Smog Arp
  8. NK MW Attack
  9. NK Flight
  10. MWWTLD
  11. NKDialogue
  12. NK Duna
  13. NKGIassArp
  14. NKCaravan
  15. NKPLRetro
  16. NKMonstah
  17. NKHPArp
  18. NKSandMove
  19. NKJuno60
  20. NKDriftArp
  21. NK SpeakPoly
  22. NK HunterArp
  23. NK MonoDrone
  24. NK Kontakt
  25. NK PolyRhytm
  26. NK OpenHeart
  27. NK Science
  28. NK RedPlanet
  29. NK Movement
  30. NK TrainArp
  31. NK PolyBeaui
  32. NKTryptamin
  33. NK MirrorArp
  34. NK Atom Arp
  35. NK Modular
  36. NK DeepDetun
  37. Stutter
  38. NK Prophets
  39. NK SandWorm
  40. NK CS-80
  41. NK June
  42. NK DeppDrone
  43. NK DarkArp
  44. NK LongTrail
  45. NK BassMW
  46. NK Run!
  47. NK Shimmer
  48. NK WT Atmos
  49. NK RayArp
  50. NK Welcome!

No external Osc & Fx were used. You will found instruction of “how to” inside the pack.

Enjoy the sounds & be inspired by the sounds of the deepest desert!

About Nick, the author of this soundset

Nick Chronos, composer & sound designer, certified teacher of Steinberg/Yamaha & PluginBotique companies. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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