☆☆Korg Minilogue “Not Mini” Soundset 70 Presets

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Get ready for the most powerful & fat analog sounds you ever heard on Korg Minilogue! Powerful basses, leads, modular sequences, lush strings & pads, groovy arpeggios & more.

70 inspired sounds made by Nick Klimenko.

For almost every sound – we created a sequence, so push play button!

Also we had programmed unusual modulation with slider to show extended Minilogue possibilities.


Total List Of Presets:

  1. NK VCO Power
  2. NK Dreamer
  3. NK Base Hook
  4. NK PolyBaby
  5. NK Low Sun
  6. NK Smooth
  7. NK Danger
  8. NK Circus
  9. NK Duo Mod
  10. NK OverT
  11. NK Hypno
  12. NK Sunny
  13. NK Model D
  14. NK Power
  15. NK Acidrop
  16. NK GBox
  17. NK Line 6
  18. NK Dropz
  19. NK UniL
  20. NK Blurred
  21. NK Complex
  22. NK Minor
  23. NK PArp
  24. NK LongWay
  25. NK RealFun
  26. NK FireStart
  27. NK Modular
  28. NK PolyHoly
  29. NK Welcome
  30. NK StringOne
  31. NK UGround
  32. NK Soft Pad
  33. NK Soft S
  34. NK Analog
  35. NK SloPad
  36. NK SyncSeq
  37. NK GoesDown
  38. NK Juno 60
  39. NK TimesGood
  40. NK TimesBest
  41. NK Can you?
  42. NK Patriot
  43. NK 🙂 ;-D
  44. NK Arp 😀
  45. NK Strike
  46. NK RealAlive
  47. NK Hlooook
  48. NK Wow! How?
  49. NK Prophet!
  50. NK DoMod
  51. NK Structure
  52. NK Orgnic
  53. NK LfOsc
  54. NK Wellwell
  55. NK UniPony
  56. NK Bite Me?
  57. NK Phaze
  58. NK Delayed
  59. NK Stoppp
  60. NK Morph
  61. NK WhereRu?
  62. NK Poly6
  63. NK Jupiter 6
  64. NK Metal
  65. NK Broken
  66. NK Wobbling
  67. NK Haste
  68. NK Go 🙂
  69. NK TommyGun
  70. NK See ya!

Reviews from YouTube

never heard this thing sound so phat before, can’t wait to get my hands on the one that’s waiting for me home, when I go back from my journey

reminds me 80’s TV openings
punk coders

Loved your Zoom CDR presets, all in on this one, too!!!

0:25 blinded me with science
Analog synth player

Can’t wait to get my hands on it! Should be here Wednesday! Can’t come quick enough! It’s amazing how different people get different results ! The possibilities are endless! Imagine doing a Switched on Bach with this? It just screams multitrack! Great video great patches! Thanks!

WOW awesome patches!!

Very different from all the soundbanks I’ve previously seen. Interesting ! Well done

Great sounds. Congrats!
Thoracius Appotite

nice video, are you planning on making a series of themed patches like funk bank, spaced out psychedelic bank, boards of Canada bank, classic analog bank, etc… in the near future?
444 Levels

About Nick, the author of this soundset

Nick Chronos, composer & sound designer, certified teacher of Steinberg/Yamaha & PluginBotique companies. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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  1. Iotrek.wjnr

    Never heard this thing sound so phat before, can’t wait to get my hands on the one that’s waiting for me home, when I go back from my journey.

  2. NXZW

    Wow man these are some cool presets.?

  3. ltrasyd

    Very different from all the soundbanks i’ve previously seen. Interesting ! Well done.

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