Korg R3 “Dark Analog” Soundset 128 Organic Presets

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Welcome to the world of Korg R3 Synthesizer!

Many people are thinking that R3 is the younger brother of flagship’s Radias. We’d like to show that this little black beast having its own spirit.

Actually from the series of portable Korg synths MicroKorg, XL, R3 – we love R3 the most & suggest it for any synth enthusiast!

And we made “Dark Analog” soundset with:

  • Beautiful analog sounds & classic emulations
  • The Deepest basses for various genres with massive character
  • Pure ambient & cosmic pads, drones & soundscapes
  • Beautiful arpegios from classic to lush & analog
  • Step sequences like on Radias & groveboxes
  • Beautiful bells & plucks
  • Analog leads & fm sounds

Presets list

  1. NK Bass Single
  2. NK Unika Single
  3. NK Atmos Single
  4. NK Neuro Single
  5. NK Modul Single
  6. NK AN-2X Single
  7. NK JunoX Single
  8. NK TunaB Single
  9. NK MarsP Single
  10. NK DarkB Single
  11. NK Trail Single
  12. NK Blade Multi
  13. NK GBox Layer
  14. NK Goa Single
  15. NK Klaus Single
  16. NK PWMPD Single
  17. NK Signa Layer
  18. NK Golde Layer
  19. NK Aqua Layer
  20. NK Class Layer
  21. NK Arcti Single
  22. NK Vibra Multi
  23. NK Cobal Layer
  24. NK Cobra Single
  25. NK MS-20 Single
  26. NK Lara Single
  27. NK EvoPd Single
  28. NK Octa Single
  29. NK Monst Single
  30. NK Rubbe Layer
  31. NK Volta Single
  32. NK Goald Single
  33. NK Groov Layer
  34. NK PolyB Single
  35. NK Egldm Single
  36. NK PolyX Single
  37. NK Wind Single
  38. NK Bella Single
  39. NK Power Layer
  40. NK Sinu Single
  41. NK Truth Single
  42. NK Proga Single
  43. NK Actio Single
  44. NK Polyr Layer
  45. NK Arpin Single
  46. NK Signa Layer
  47. NK Lunar Single
  48. NK Line Layer
  49. NK Sonat Single
  50. NK Snow Single
  51. NK ZoneP Layer
  52. NK Leade Layer
  53. NK King Layer
  54. NK Modul Layer
  55. NK Compl Layer
  56. NK Compl Layer
  57. NK Flake Layer
  58. NK Arpid Layer
  59. NK Field Layer
  60. NK White Layer
  61. NK Orda Layer
  62. NK Bella Layer
  63. NK Lush Layer
  64. NK Flite Layer
  65. NK Ways Single
  66. NK Zimme Single
  67. NK Wider Single
  68. NK True Single
  69. NK Tale Single
  70. NK Carbo Single
  71. NK Skies Single
  72. NK Born Single
  73. NK 1983 Single
  74. NK Uoxz Single
  75. NK Dropz Single
  76. NK X-ray Layer
  77. NK Templ Layer
  78. NK Class Single
  79. NK Fast Single
  80. NK WS EX Layer
  81. NK LongB Single
  82. NK Sines Single
  83. NK Manna Single
  84. NK Void Layer
  85. NK LSD Single
  86. NK Lushe Single
  87. NK Leade Layer
  88. NK Anima Single
  89. NK Indig Single
  90. NK Fixed Single
  91. NK PWMAr Single
  92. NK Road Layer
  93. NK DX1 Single
  94. NK Garde Single
  95. NK Fores Single
  96. NK Sail Single
  97. NK RedOn Single
  98. NK Blue Single
  99. NK Drig Layer
  100. NK Juno Single
  101. NK Bella Single
  102. NK Breat Single
  103. NK Orbit Single
  104. NK Drone Single
  105. NK Rush Single
  106. NK SQ Single
  107. NK M-Vox Single
  108. NK Ancie Single
  109. NK Eden Single
  110. NK Tech Single
  111. NK Dubba Single
  112. NK Silky Single
  113. NK Scape Layer
  114. NK Monst Layer
  115. NK 7th Single
  116. NK Trafi Single
  117. NK Spiri Layer
  118. NK Modul Single
  119. NK ReaI2 Single
  120. NK Giga Layer
  121. NK Orig Layer
  122. NK GigaB Layer
  123. NK Fores Single
  124. NK Lore Single
  125. NK Guita Single
  126. NK Fly Single
  127. NK Anima Single
  128. NK Signa Layer

With our soundset & synth versatility of R3 can be the main synth in your arsenal and will suit to any modern electronic music genre.

Made by Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of “Organica” for Waldorf Blofeld & “WS Universe” for Korg Wavestation.

About Nick, the author of this soundset

Nick Chronos, composer & sound designer, certified teacher of Steinberg/Yamaha & PluginBotique companies. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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