Korg Radias “Flashing Lights” 128 presets

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LFO Store proudly presents:
“Flashing Lights” – Korg Radias Programs Bank
Made by talented Andrew Deviatikh – Saint-Petersburg based composer, sound producer, sound designer, keyboardist, and live performer.
“Flashing lights” programs bank (FLPB) for Korg Radias synthesizer include 128 professional production ready programs for making music in different genres: cinematic, ambient, space ambient, electronic. FLPB distributing by RDL file for “Radias Sound Editor” from KORG corp.
All programs of FLPB divided into 8 categories:
Strings / Pad (A01 – C15) – pad-style sounds with long or very long attack for backgrounds or main themes. For some of the pads you should wait for a few seconds to sound “open”. All pads react on velocity which can change the character of sound. All pads are very useful in cinematic / ambient / space ambient genres.

Motion (C16 – E03) – pad-style sounds with a more complex structure than simple pads with rhythmic or cycling elements.

Arp / Seq (E04 – F06) – arpeggiated sounds and complete sequences.

Synth soft (F07 – G14) – synth-like polyphonic sounds with short/mid attack to playing melodies and themes.

Lead (G15 – H05) – synth-like monophonic sounds with short/mid attack to playing melodies and themes.

Bass (H06, H07) – two sub-bass programs which you can use to make good low-end in your tracks.

S.E. (H08 – H14) – sound effects for backgrounds.

Split (H15, H16) – for these programs keyboard is divided into 2 zones with different sounds. C4 is a split-point.

Reviews from YouTube

Keyboard Synth ! I love this demo!….hopefully u can share more info with me ^_^..i play keyboard also…
i appreciate musician’s work ! Nice played…LIKED and SUBSCRIBED for your great effort !❤🎵🎹👍✨
Paul Soon

Really great ambient 👍 patches! Nice programming!!
King Trance

I do admire your work and contribution to the community of art. Your videos and sound-sets are truly remarkable. After watching your Youtube video on the Radias, I ordered the preset again, not knowing I have it installed – how did that happen? I can tell you why, that video presentation is so good, with scenes and great sounding presets that I mistakenly reordered it. Dude, your stuff is that good.

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