KAV Korg Volca Sample2 Bundle Ideas + Synth Warp 251 samples and 40 patterns !

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Korg Volca Sample2 available the bundle “Ideas” + “Synth Warp” 251 samples and 40 patterns !

“Ideas” Soundset & Sampleset + “Electro pop” addition 8 Patterns
Introducing an extensive Soundbank featuring 137 meticulously curated samples and 16 Patterns, spanning across bass, drums, effects, and synths. Dive into a sonic landscape rich with versatile sounds, ready to infuse your tracks with depth and character.

As a special BONUS, we’ve included the Korg VOLCA2 “Ideas” Electro pop addition, complete with 8 Patterns designed to spark inspiration. These Patterns are tailor-made for the VOLCA2, adding a new dimension to your electronic productions.

Please note: The VOLCA2 “Ideas” Electro pop addition is exclusively for use with Korg VOLCA2. To load these files, simply use the Volca Sample Librarian, ensuring seamless integration into your VOLCA2 setup. Elevate your productions with this dynamic Soundbank and the bonus VOLCA2 addition, and let your creativity take flight.

“Synth Warp” Sampleset
Introducing a rich Sampleset featuring 114 brand new samples and 16 meticulously crafted Patterns, covering a wide range of sounds including bass, drums, effects, and synths. This collection offers a versatile palette for your music production needs.

Easy to install, these samples are a blend of analog and digital drum synthesizers, as well as captivating waveforms, ensuring a diverse array of sounds to explore and integrate into your tracks.

Exclusively designed for use with the Korg Volca Sample 2, this Sampleset unlocks a world of creative possibilities tailored to this specific device. Whether you’re crafting intricate beats or sculpting melodic landscapes, these samples and patterns are ready to inspire.

To seamlessly incorporate these sounds into your Volca Sample 2, use the “VLCSPLLIB” Volca Sample Librarian for effortless loading and organization. Elevate your music production with this exceptional Sampleset designed for the Volca Sample 2, and unleash your creativity with every beat and melody.

The included demo showcases the versatility of these samples, running at a tempo range of 100-103BPM, offering a glimpse into the creative possibilities within this Soundbank.

About Alexander Kav — author of this soundset

Alexander Kav (Nucleus project) musician, sound designer, experimenter. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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