Korg Wavestate ATMOSPHERIC Bundle: 200 Presets (Ambient Jam, lo-Fi, New Age Keys, Dark City)

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The ATMOSPHERIC bundle consists of four soundsets: Atmospheric Lo-Fi, Ambient Jam, New Age Keys, Dark City. 200 Presets total.

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Atmospheric Lo-Fi” is a collection of 50 performances for Korg Wavestate.
It includes: 8 Basses, 8 Keys, 7 Pads, 6 Strings, 6 Synths, 5 Leads, 5 Brasses, 5 Plucks.
The soundset is devoted to Lo-Fi sound and its colors: detuned, noisy, tape-style, vintage, old, bit-crushed, warm-analog, cold-digital…
Each preset has thoroughly set performance controls: ModWheel, 8 Macros, X/Y Vector Envelope. They may change the color of a timbre greatly: from thin, dull, distant, narrow, to bright, wide, and thick. They may change the shape of the timbre and add movement. You must tweak all the controls to understand the full potential of a preset.

Ambient Jam” is a collection of 50 performances for Korg Wavestate.
It includes: 26 Pads, 15 Strings, 9 Textures.

The bank covers a wide range of atmospheric timbres: vintage/retro, lo-fi, tape-like, noisy, warm, deep, dreamy, soft, evolving, moving, massive, epic, bright, orchestral, cinematic, dark, distorted, cold, distant, metallic, tense, atonal, non-harmonic, fx-like, soundscape…
Each performance includes 4 layers. The Vector Joystick controls their volume balance. You may use just one timbre/layer or mix several of them for a richer sound. The default Vector position is center, all 4 layers are used.
All timbres have unified assignments for 8 Macros/Performance knobs:
1 – closes the filter (nice for fade outs). 2 – activates Time Lane for faster movements between sounds in Sample Lane or Seq Lane modulations. 3 – activates movement between samples. 4 – adds detune, increases chorus/phaser/flanger effects. 5 – activates modular style/generative/glitchy modulations. 6 – adds fast Filter modulation. 7 – increases Resonance. 8 – adds slow and wide stereo movement.

New Age Keys” is a collection of 50 presets for the Korg Wavestate synthesizer. These presets feature dreamy and beautiful sounds including synths, plucks, brasses, keys, pianos, strings, and woodwinds. The bank covers a wide range of timbres: keys with acoustic, FM, wavetable, digital or analog flavor; vintage/retro synths recreations; sweet, dreamy, warm, soft, gentle, cold, distant tones.
Each Performance consists of 4 layers that can be mixed using the Vector Envelope joystick. You can start by exploring each layer individually and then blend them together for unique combinations.
The presets utilize a unified mapping system for the 8 Mod Knobs/Marcos: 1 – Filter Modulation, 2 – Filter Modulation Rate, 3 – Amp and Pan Modulation (tremolo), 4 – Detune, 5 – Attack, 6 – Decay, 7 – Wave Sequencing, 8 – Wave Sequencing Rate.

The Wave Sequencing feature adds an element of randomness and charm to the performance, with the wave/sample changing with each key press, and continuous changes if keys are held.
The presets are velocity sensitive, and the ModWheel can be used to add expression to your playing.

Dark City” is a collection of 50 performances for the Korg Wavestate synthesizer.
It includes: 9 Pads, 7 Drones, 7 Textures, 8 FX-Drone-Texture Sequences, 8 Strings, 5 Percussion/Drums, 6 Keys.
The bank spans a broad spectrum of timbres: dark, noisy, lo-fi, vintage/retro, cold, distant, dull, big, massive, epic, bright, orchestral, distorted, metallic, tense, atonal, non-harmonic, fx-like, soundscape, evolving, moving, sweeping.

Suitable for Ambient, IDM, Cinematic, Deep, Progressive, House, Techno, Chill Out, Downtempo, Lounge, Hip Hop, R’n’B, Pop, Experimental, Breaks, D’n’B, Industrial and other genres…

✅ Compatible with all versions of the Wavestate synthesizer: Original/MK1, MK2, SE, SE Platinum, Module, Native, VST, Audio Unit Plugin.
Ensure that you are using the latest software/firmware version.

About Anru, the author of this soundset

Anton Anru is a producer, sound designer, mix engineer, and music production trainer. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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