Korg Wavestate COMPLETE Bundle: All 250 presets by Anton Anru (Arps, Pads, Keys, Synths)

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Korg Wavestate COMPLETE Bundle consists of 5 soundsets: Modular Clouds, Melodic Patterns, and Atmospheric Lo-Fi, Ambient Jam, New Age Keys (250 presets total).

Modular Clouds” is a collection of 50 dreamy generative performances for Korg Wavestate. There are evolving pads and stabs, plucks and arps, leads and strings, mallets and percussion.
Controlled chaos and randomness, probability, non-repetitiveness, pattern uniqueness, short and long sounds alternation, unexpected changes, silence and density, harmonic and FX-like tones, freaky splashes during the playback… All these things are included in the soundset.
A Generative timbre may be a good addition to (or a lead part of) any track, jam and performance. You may also record fragments into your DAW or sampler, slice it to one-shots or make loops. You’ll get a unique material for further processing.

Melodic Patterns” is a collection of 50 arpeggio performances for Korg Wavestate.
There is a wide variety of arps in the soundset: slow and fast, simple and complex, electronic and “instrumental”, soft and bright, gentle and expressive, dreamy and dark, sustained and punchy… It also includes generative style arpeggios that are great for ambient.
Hold the keys, tweak performance controls and get melodic parts for your productions and jams!

“Atmospheric Lo-Fi” is a collection of 50 performances for Korg Wavestate.
It includes: 8 Basses, 8 Keys, 7 Pads, 6 Strings, 6 Synths, 5 Leads, 5 Brasses, 5 Plucks.
The soundset is devoted to Lo-Fi sound and its colors: detuned, noisy, tape-style, vintage, old, bit-crushed, warm-analog, cold-digital…

Ambient Jam” is a collection of 50 performances for Korg Wavestate.
It includes: 26 Pads, 15 Strings, 9 Textures. Each performance includes 4 layers. The Vector Joystick controls their volume balance. You may use just one timbre/layer or mix several of them for a richer sound. The default Vector position is center, all 4 layers are used.

New Age Keys” is a collection of 50 presets for the Korg Wavestate synthesizer. These presets feature dreamy and beautiful sounds including synths, plucks, brasses, keys, pianos, strings, and woodwinds, perfect for genres like New Age, Cinematic, Ambient, Downtempo, Lounge, and Chill Out.

The bank covers a wide range of timbres: keys with acoustic, FM, wavetable, digital or analog flavor; vintage/retro synths recreations; sweet, dreamy, warm, soft, gentle, cold, distant tones.

Each preset has thoroughly set performance controls: ModWheel, 8 Macros, X/Y Vector Envelope. They may change the color of a timbre greatly: from thin, dull, distant, narrow, to bright, wide, and thick. They may change the shape of the timbre and add movement. You must tweak all the controls to understand the full potential of a preset.
Thus, the timbres will fit many genres, styles, arrangements, and mixes.


  • Thoroughly set parameters and complex modulations.
  • All 8 Performance Knobs/Macros are assigned to different parameters. They give changes from subtle to dramatic.
  • Vector Envelope adds movement or changes the timbre.
  • ModWheel adds expression.
  • No external/additional samples are required.
  • Performances’ volumes are equalized for a comfortable browsing.

Important technical information.
Check you Wavestate clock settings, if it’s set incorrectly, the arp may not work.
Vector Envelope movement behaves differently depending on how you hold keys for the arp. If you hold the keys on the keyboard, with a sustain pedal, or you have a midi-clip in your DAW with long notes, then the Vector Envelope will move according to its settings. If you use Arp Latch Mode on Wavestate and push keys without holding them, then the Vector Envelope will not move, but you may move the joystick manually.

Thus, if you use Arp Latch Mode the timbre is a bit simpler (as it lacks additional movement), if you hold the keys without Arp Latch Mode the timbre is more complex due to pre-programmed movement. This information will help you to choose the right scenario for your workflow.

No drums are included in the soundset.

These presets are suitable for both the hardware and software (plugin) version of the Korg Wavestate synthesizer.

Make sure you have the latest firmware installed.

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