Korg Wavestate – Dark City (50 Presets by Anton Anru)

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🌃 “Dark City” is a collection of 50 performances for the Korg Wavestate synthesizer.

It includes: 9 Pads, 7 Drones, 7 Textures, 8 FX-Drone-Texture Sequences, 8 Strings, 5 Percussion/Drums, 6 Keys.

The bank spans a broad spectrum of timbres: dark, noisy, lo-fi, vintage/retro, cold, distant, dull, big, massive, epic, bright, orchestral, distorted, metallic, tense, atonal, non-harmonic, fx-like, soundscape, evolving, moving, sweeping.

🌌 The soundset is inspired by sci-fi movies, soundtracks, dystopian stories, urban landscapes, noise ambient albums, experimental modern art and sound design.

📚 This soundset is included in Wavestate ATMOSPHERIC BUNDLE (200 Presets) with a 30% discount and COMPLETE BUNDLE (300 Presets) with a 40% discount.

🧿 Perfect for genres like Dark, Noise, Ambient, New Age, Cinematic, IDM, Electronica, Dub, Deep, Techno, Industrial, Minimal, Psy, Trance, Garage, Progressive, Dubstep, 2-Step, Experimental, Breaks, D’n’B, etc.

These timbres also work well for movie soundtracks, games, apps, digital art, sound art lives, VR landscapes – anywhere a dark atmosphere is needed.

🔮 Craft an entire ambient or cinematic track with just a few (or just one!) performances. Or, create a couple of albums with the entire soundset.

🎛 Each Performance features 4 Layers that can be mixed using the Vector Envelope joystick. Explore each layer individually or blend them for unique combinations.

🕹 The Vector Envelope joystick is, by default, in the middle position – all layers are mixed equally. You can also disable some layers by double-clicking on layers’ (A, B, C, D) buttons.

🟤 ModWheel opens all layers’ filters, enhancing the brightness of the sound.

The presets follow a unified (with some exceptions) mapping system for the 8 Mod Knobs/Macros:

🔸 1 – Closes all layers’ filters, creating a soft, dark, and dull sound.

🔸 2 – Alters the speed of the lanes, functioning in both directions.

🔸 3 – Introduces steps to the Sample Lane, resulting in a more varied timbre by blending additional waves.

🔸 4 – Generates Detune/Vibrato.

🔸 5 – Adds fast, plucky modulations, or alters envelope parameters, or shortens the Shape Lane.

🔸 6 – Reduces Gate level and/or shortens the Gate Lane, creating an abrupt and glitchy timbre.

🔸 7 – Introduces modulations via LFOs, typically affecting the filter or amp.

🔸 8 – Accelerates LFOs

🔹 True wave sequence 2.0 synthesis, extensive and deep use of unique Wavestate features, that make the presets stand out from other synthesizers (subtractive, wavetable, FM…)

🔹 Each performance comprises 4 layers.
🔹 Thoroughly set parameters and complex modulations.
🔹 All 8 Performance Knobs/Macros are assigned to different parameters, providing nuanced to drastic changes.
🔹 Vector Envelope blends all 4 Layers.
🔹 ModWheel adds expression.
🔹 Crafting each performance took approximately 60-90 minutes.
🔹 No external/additional samples required.
🔹 Equalized volumes for comfortable browsing.

🔹 Capable of creating entire ambient or cinematic tracks with just a few performances.

✅ Compatible with all versions of the Wavestate synthesizer: Original/MK1, MK2, SE, SE Platinum, Module, Native, VST, Audio Unit Plugin.

Ensure that you are using the latest software/firmware version.

About Anru, the author of this soundset

Anton Anru is a producer, sound designer, mix engineer, and music production trainer. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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