Korg Wavestate – “Future Dimension” (56 Exclusive Performances)

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LFO Store is proud to present an incredible brand-new soundset that takes Korg Wavestate synthesizer’s sound to a new level of quality! Inspired by science fiction books and films, this product uses complex and vibrant sound synthesis techniques and open up future worlds full of incredible technological solutions, portals between dimensions and plots connecting constellations and races! Here you will find a variety of original presets of different categoriesarpeggios, atmospheres, drums, effects, leads, plucks, pads and sequences!

In this soundset, the dystopian future with nihilistic and underground side of the digital society meets the advent of the new bright renaissance of the humanity, and on these contrasts of darkness and light, an epic sound kaleidoscope is built! We convey the cinematic atmosphere of landscapes created by artificial intelligence, the sounds of distant constellations and intercontinental spaceships, futuristic abandoned cities, robotic factories, alien laboratories with cryogenic chambers and much more!

These 56 exclusive sample-based performances were created by the well-known sound designer, OttO K. Schwarz, cooperated officially with such companies as Access (Virus Ti), Modal Electronics (Argon, Cobalt), Native Instruments (Kontakt), etc. Each preset is carefully crafted and you can model the sound using velocity, modulation wheel and X/Y Pad. Thus, these presets allow you to create a non-linear sound, so important for modern cinematic music, ambient, classical electronics, EDM and other styles.

We wish you a pleasant journey through the soundscapes and inspiration in creating great musical compositions using our favourite Korg Wavestate!


♫ This soundset is suitable for both hardware and software (native) versions of Korg Wavestate.

♫ In the product pack you will find 56 exclusive sample-based presets (ARPs, effects, leads, pads, etc.). All presets are royalty-free and actual for both studio work and live performances!

♫ The sample banks of 1+ Gb for both hardware and software (native) versions are also included (external samplebank should be stored in the settings).

♫ Instructions are included in the product pack!


Q: Why your product is so huge (more than 1 Gb)?

A: Until the recent update of the Korg Wavestate software, it was possible to load only one samplebank onto the synthesizer. Since many customers use previous versions of the software, the downloaded file contains samples from all previous sets created by the LFO Store company.

Q: I have imported the presets. Why some of them are silent?

A: The presets are using external samples. Please read the instructions. You have to upload the samplebank into your synthesizer first, and only then to import the presets.

Q: How did you prepared the samples?

A: Using different synthesis methods. Most of them are layered from the real recordings and using different gear, both digital and analog. We also use most of the internal Wavestate samples to get a great multi-layered modulated soundscapes. There is so much joy in preparing these sounds for you!


You may send us your question using general e-mail address (info@lfo.store), or directly to OttO (o@otto.earth).

Please support our work with feedbacks & comments on the official Youtube page!

May the Power and Inspiration be with you!

About Otto — author of this soundset

Otto Schwarz is a founder of Ephilion project, composer, mastering engineer and sound designer. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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