Korg Wavestate – “Meditation” Soundset (40 Exclusive Performances)

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  • This soundbank is suitable for both hardware and software (native) versions of Korg Wavestate!
  • 700 Mb of free space is required.
  • Please check the link for more soundbanks for Korg Wavestate – https://ottolfo.sellfy.store/wavestate/

Take a deep breath and get ready to transform your beloved Korg Wavestate into a mind-expanding device that will take you on an inner journey through the universe of soundscapes! This soundbank will allow you and your listeners to become the living resonators tuned to peace and harmony, new states of consciousness, relaxation and meditation!

For centuries, in various spiritual traditions of the world, music has been used by man to achieve elevated states of consciousness, as well as healing the soul and the body. In ancient Egypt there was the principle called “everything is vibration”, and in India there is a whole system of internal transformation through sound or tone, known as nada yoga, based on the premise that the universe and everything in it, including people, are composed of sound vibrations.

This superb soundbank features live recorded instruments used for meditation and sound therapy; magic pads that allow you to merge with nature or outer spaces; all kinds of arpeggios that will greatly decorate your musical material; as well as exciting atmospheric sounds, leads and plucks, 40 exclusive presets are waiting for your action! They are suitable for various styles of music – for cinematics, ambient, electronic dance music, futuristic experiments or even adding a retro flavor to your music.

If you are brave enough to challenge this wide universe of sound, then join us in this wonderful journey!

About Otto — author of this soundset

Otto Schwarz is a founder of Ephilion project, composer, mastering engineer and sound designer.

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