Kurzweil K2000 “Wave Phase K2” Soundbank

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Kurzweil K2000 “Wave Phase K2” Soundbank.

A new update Kurzweil K2x “Wave Phase K2” is the 80 Program, 22 new Keymap its made on the basis of a selection of Rom waves such as wave sequences or granular synthesis, the mixing of waves and the of effects is assigned to the fader controller (date), and also, depending on the patch, other controllers are assigned to the modulation wheel and autotach. The download is available as KRZ files(89.8 kb).

80 Program Includes synth pads, bass, texture, wave loop, effects and digital synths.

Uses only internal samples and dsp waves loading is available in the form of KRZ file. The demo tune was recorded in real time and does not contain external effects or any processing.

Made by Alexander Kav.

About Alexander Kav — author of this soundset

Alexander Kav (Nucleus project) musician, sound designer, experimenter. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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