MODAL ARGON8 Sound Pack “Horizon”

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“Horizon” soundset for Argon8, Argon8M and Argon8X by Modal Electronics is here!

Our new soundset “Horizon” contains an exquisite selection of the movements, textures, drones and sonic landscapes.

80 presets are perfect for Cinematic, Ambient, Avantgarde and IDM music.

A vast amount of LFOs stream in various destinations in sync with internal effects, whilst modulations take advantage of dynamic and expression.

Precisely programmed modulation matrix make sound evolve and develop in terrific ways.

The soundset requires Modal App v2.8 and Firmware v.2.6.

The Demo tune has been recorded in real-time and contains no external fx or any processing.

Made by Alexander Kav

Preset List:

  1. Aethereal1 Tx Kav
  2. Aethereal2 Tx Kav
  3. Aquifer Kav
  4. Aquifer Trance1 Kav
  5. Aquifer Trance2 Kav
  6. Aquifer Tx Kav
  7. Atlantik Kav
  8. Berlin SQ Kav
  9. Compass Kav
  10. Consensus Kav
  11. Cosiness Platte Kav
  12. Decompress Kav
  13. Deep Rhythmic1 Kav
  14. Diffusio Kav
  15. Divider Kav
  16. Expansion Fl Kav
  17. Expansion Sp Kav
  18. Generation1 Kav
  19. Generation2 Kav
  20. Genesis textyre Kav
  21. Good morning Kav
  22. Granulator Kav
  23. Horizon Kav
  24. Imaginary 50s Kav
  25. Imaginary Kav
  26. Industry SQ Kav
  27. Industry SQ1 Kav
  28. Industry SQ2 Kav
  29. Industry SQ3 Kav
  30. Industry Tx Kav
  31. LFO Drones Kav
  32. LFO Scape Kav
  33. Massive Pd Kav
  34. Modular Arps1 Kav
  35. Modular Arps2 Kav
  36. Modular Kav
  37. Motional Poli Kav
  38. Moveable Kav
  39. MystVX Kav
  40. Neon Arp Kav
  41. Old Organ Kav
  42. Orbital SQ Kav
  43. Organ textyre Kav
  44. Origin Kav
  45. Platte SQ1 Kav
  46. Platte SQ2 Kav
  47. Platte Tx Kav
  48. Pluto textyre Kav
  49. Polyking Kav
  50. Radix Lk Kav
  51. Reverse Tx Kav
  52. Rough draft Kav
  53. Running1 Kav
  54. Running2 Kav
  55. Scanning device Kav
  56. Sirens of Neptune1 Kav
  57. Sirens of Neptune2 Kav
  58. Skyline SQ Kav
  59. Soundscape1 Kav
  60. Sphere1 Kav
  61. Step Swep1 Kav
  62. Symbol Kav
  63. Territory1 Kav
  64. Tibet bel arp Kav
  65. Trance Atlantic1 Kav
  66. Trance Atlantic2 Kav
  67. Traveling Kav
  68. VektorTextyre1 Kav
  69. VektorTextyre2 Kav
  70. VektorTextyre3 Kav
  71. Visionary Kav
  72. Wandering Kav
  73. WStation1 Kav
  74. WStation2 Kav
  75. Interra Kav
  76. Polysix Kav
  77. Step Swep2 Kav
  78. Cinematc Organ Kav
  79. Cinematc Kav
  80. Ecstatic Kav

About Alexander Kav — author of this soundset

Alexander Kav (Nucleus project) musician, sound designer, experimenter. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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