Moog Mother-32 – Melodic Patterns (64 Patterns in PDF-Format)

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«Melodic Patterns” is a collection of 64 sequences suitable for different genres like Techno, House, Progressive, Deep, Trance, Retrowave, Synthwave, Lounge, Downtempo, Chill Out, Cinematic, Breaks, Drum’n’Bass, etc.

The soundset contains a wide range of patterns: dense, with all steps active, or sparse, having many empty steps and giving space for other instruments. Some patterns are made in Major scale, others – in Minor.

Each pattern is thoroughly set with parameters such as Gate Length, Ratchet, Glide, and Accent. The length of the sequences varies from 16 to 32 steps.

By default, the sequences are in the C4 Minor scale. However, you may transpose them to octaves, or you can adjust the root note in semitones using the onboard keyboard to fit any scale. Additionally, transposition during playback can be used to create progressions.

Moog Mother-32 doesn’t have the import/export feature. The only way to share a melodic line is old good Patterns Sheets – a picture, where all parameters are put to the picture, and then, a pattern is recreated manually by following the settings on the sheets.
Thus, the soundset is presented in the form of a PDF file. You can see an example of a pattern in the video or on the product page, the picture is attached.

There are audio examples of all patterns inside the folder with the soundset. The timbre in the examples is kept simple to avoid disturbing the perception with excessive modulations. The examples’ tempo is 110 BPM. You may import them into your DAW and add a straight 4/4 kick pattern to have a rhythmic reference. After you’ve programmed a pattern, you can then set the patch to any complexity level.

The soundset doesn’t include Mother-32 patches/timbres/front-panel settings. Patterns only.
You may find Mother-32 patches on my website as separate products.

You can use the patterns as ready-to-go material for your tracks or jams. Alternatively, you can go further by taking them as a starting point. Decorate the sequences with the features offered by Mother-32: play with pattern length (end point), direction, rotation (shifts the starting point back and forward), swing amount and division, tempo division if you use an external clock, momentary actions like hold, accent, ratchet, and others, reset, and, of course, you can change patterns by muting/adding steps or changing notes. Thus, a single sequence can produce many “siblings” in real time.

About Anru, the author of this soundset

Anton Anru is a producer, sound designer, mix engineer, and music production trainer. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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