KAV Quasimidi Raven Max “Aerostat” Soundbank 50 Presets

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Renowned for its innovative design, the Quasimidi RAVEN synthesizer offers a versatile range of sound production, making it a favorite among musicians seeking both classic and cutting-edge tones.

Introducing our latest creation: the “Aerostat” soundset, featuring meticulously crafted performances designed for your enjoyment!

This collection boasts a diverse array of sounds, ranging from captivating wave sequences to dynamic arpeggiated basses, ethereal pads, soaring leads, and immersive soundscapes.

Conveniently available as SysEx (.syx) files, these downloads are ready to infuse new life into your Raven MAX synthesizers.

The pack contains 50 presets (performances) categorized into:

  1. Arpeggio
  2. Evolving Pad
  3. Rhythmic Sequence
  4. Bass
  5. Ambient SFX
  6. Atmosphere

The demo tune was recorded in real-time, showcasing the versatility of these sounds without any external effects.

Made by Alexander Kav.

About Alexander Kav — author of this soundset

Alexander Kav (Nucleus project) musician, sound designer, experimenter. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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