Quasimidi Raven Max – “Blauer Motivator” Soundset

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Welcome to the colours of Quasimidi Raven synthesizer!

We’ve already showed you the modern sounds for the blue beast in our “Underrated” synth series, here: https://youtu.be/zWGc67O3F6I

Now its the time for our own sounds & “Blauer Motivator” soundset with 50 perfmances!

This machine is very versatile & becoming a good partner among with Wavestation by Korg.

Compiles four steps wave sequences sounds, arp bases, lush pads, soaring leads and dense soundscapes and effects.

Use your MIDI software to send the sysex file (RavenMax Sd Pack Blauer Motivator) to the Quasimidi Raven Max.

Made Alexander Kav aka. Nucleus from Saint Petersburg.

Re-discover your Raven or Raven MAX with our sounds!

Preset List (50performances):

00 Crow flight
01 Bass Repeat
02 Symbol
03 Good evening
04 Robot SQ
05 Rhythmic
06 Horizon
07 ChapelSQ
08 WavOrbit
09 WavChape
10 Mystica
11 VektorTextyre 1
12 BassDr
13 Sweeper Duo
14 Origin
15 Shadow play
16 Movie scene
17 Modulate Textyre
18 Transform
19 Neuronet
20 Visionary
21 Dron Break
22 BassDr2
23 Waw SQ
24 Circus
25 Venus Arp
26 Empty space
27 Sunrise
28 Nitrogen
29 Mystery
30 Trans express
31 Structure
32 Horizon
33 Morphing
34 Orion
35 Pluck Arp
36 Wokwav
37 ArpsBS
38 PhaseBass
39 Atlantik
40 WaveMech
41 Saturn
42 OrbitalV
43 DrumsFX
44 WavDrSQ
45 Textyre
46 Revisear
47 Floating
48 By A.Kav
49 KALaB.2022year

About Alexander Kav — author of this soundset

Alexander Kav (Nucleus project) musician, sound designer, experimenter. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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