Roland JP-8000 – “Cinematica” Soundset 64 + 64

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LFO Store proudly presents:

“Cinematica” Soundset for legendary Roland JP-8000!

This soundset including 64 user presets + 64 performances (128 sounds in whole)
suited for cinematic, soundtrack music, ambient, space electronica genres.

Its very different to the most of soundsets you saw before – with all this progressive trance supersaw leads & arps – “Cinematica” focused on “analog like” tones:
deep basses, analog leads, the warmest strings & deepest pads under inspiration of modern & vintage science fiction movies.

Patches made by Nick Klimenko & Ivan Vasiliev (LFO Team)

Performances & its demonstration in this video made by Nick Klimenko. Preset categories: 1-16 – Strings Pads Swells.

17-24 – Leads Poly & Mono
25-32 – Basses
33-41 – Plucks
42-49 – Movements
50-58 – Vintage Strings
58-64 – Various sounds Enjoy new sounds & re-discover your blue pearl!


About Nick, the author of this soundset

Nick Chronos, composer & sound designer, certified teacher of Steinberg/Yamaha & PluginBotique companies. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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Reviews from YouTube

These are amazing. I’ve been trying to get my JP8000 to sound more analog and cinematic. Thank you so much for making these.
Kyle Moriwaki

Good sounds, still never liked the character of the Jp8000, its a bit flat sounding, i prefer the sound of my An1x.
Snupps Synth channel

Great patches for the JP-8000. And an inspiration, to know what it is capable of.
I think they would be a good value at $25, for those who prefer not to, or don’t have time to program.
For me, much of the pleasure I get from my JP-8000, comes from experimenting, and creating my own sounds/patches.
This being particularly satisfying, because of it’s great front panel design, that encourages you to play with it.
So although I’m not in the market for what you are selling, I’m glad you do what you do, and thank you for sharing it with us here on Youtube.
Best wishes for your success.

love my JP 8000
wimpi sanusi

Nice, I’m really tempted.
DazMon Sta

Fantastic job man! Really great set! Cheers 🙂

Seriously has to be THE best sound pack for huge pads leads etc EVER!!!!! THE WARMTH AND SYNTHINESS IS STUNNING💪💪👌👌👌
Steve Griffiths

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