Roland JV-1080 “Planet JV” Soundset 128 Presets

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The legendary Roland JV-1080 synthesizer is back with its 25 years anniversary!

Back to 1994 JV was one of the most powerful digital modules with its flexible engine &
beautiful sound combined with great set of effects & drums.

Why it’s so cool?

Cause besides pianos, bells, cowbells & cheesy accordions, GM applause and Bang! Presets – it’s capable to create great analog sounds, the deepest ambient textures, great moving sequences.

It’s like a hardware “Omnisphere” synth with huge effort.

So – what was our first desire when we get our black box?
To create our own soundset for the legend with modern approach of course!

So here it is: “Planet JV” Soundset by team: Nick Klimenko & Kirill Polikashin.

128 presets separated on:

  • Vintage analog-like basses & modern digital wavetable
  • Vintage & Modern leads (yes, Klaus Schulze spirit also there)
  • The Deepest ambient pads, space drones & tonal soundscapes
  • Modern sequences you never heard or seen before on JV
  • Beautiful bells, plucks & rhythmic structures
  • Fx’s with modular approach (cause, why not?)

Great emulations of classic legends: Moog, Jupiter, JX-series, CS & others.

Enjoy the sounds and rediscover your JV module with our soundset!

Our video demo shows almost 50 presets from soundset combined with drum samples & beautiful nature, so take your time, breathing slowly, take your hands out of rewind button 😉

Good news everyone!

Working with all Roland line: jV-1010, JV-1080, JV-2080, XP-30, XP-50, XP-60, XP-80, XV-88, XV-2020, XV-3080, XV-5050, XV-5080.

Presets list

  1. NK Entrance
  2. NK CS-79
  3. PK Pinat Chi
  4. PK Mostion
  5. PK Digibass
  6. PK 6 SawLead
  7. NK Orion Bel
  8. PK Beathoven
  9. NK Deep Pad
  10. NK Morpheus
  11. PK Patintich
  12. PK Squanalog
  13. PK Trumbass
  14. PK Mosquare
  15. NK Analogia
  16. NK Sun Light
  17. NK 7th Wave
  18. NK Paddings
  19. PK Nita
  20. PK Bleski
  21. PK AlviKey
  22. PK ZuperZaw
  23. NK PL One
  24. NK Industria
  25. NK Silver Pd
  26. NK Humana
  27. PK Suntone
  28. NK OST Go
  29. PK Moombass
  30. PK Vosynox
  31. PK Logana
  32. NK Glitches
  33. NK Majestic!
  34. NK Humana 2
  35. PK Junior
  36. NK Oct Bass
  37. PK Cavebass
  38. PK Wife Lead
  39. NK ReversePL
  40. NK Paradox!
  41. NK Era St
  42. NK Majestic!
  43. PK Supastrng
  44. NK JX Bass
  45. PK SawDubass
  46. PK Loft Lead
  47. NK Reverse
  48. NK Parsec
  49. NK Dark Way
  50. NKTreassue:
  51. PK Ongruz
  52. NK Monsta BS
  53. PK Scubass
  54. NK Leaded
  55. NK Freak
  56. PK Zhditut
  57. NK Perimeter
  58. NK Prophet-5
  59. PK Full Void
  60. NK Saw Bass
  61. PK Deepax BS
  62. NK Poly Cash
  63. NK Mode PL
  64. PK Rhythmaj
  65. NK BellAtmo
  66. NKJP-08
  67. PK Shift Str
  68. NK BS Attack
  69. PK Ultrasqbs
  70. NK Morph PI
  71. NK Ethno PL
  72. NK Atlas PI
  73. NK Signals B
  74. NK Paddings
  75. PK Dali str
  76. PK Bassogun
  77. PK Jean Bass
  78. PK Urry Urry
  79. NK Repeater
  80. NK Apollo
  81. NK Shaku Pad
  82. NK Iridium
  83. PK Zukko
  84. PK Korobass
  85. PK Strobass
  86. PK Vostok
  87. NK Signals A
  88. NK Visions
  89. NK Calm Pad
  90. NK Sparkles
  91. PK Baby Pad
  92. PK Circus BS
  93. PK Medbass
  94. PK Bali
  95. NK ARK
  96. NK Stigmata
  97. NK Silk Pad
  98. PK AnalogSQR
  99. PK TriString
  100. PK Flangebas
  101. NK ModelD BS
  102. PK Stuki
  103. PK Station
  104. NK Steps
  105. NK 1979 St
  106. PK Bzuzu
  107. PK Infinity
  108. PK FuzzBass
  109. NK ModelA BS
  110. PK Xinin
  111. PK Calling
  112. NK Step Bell
  113. NK Flutter
  114. PK Vaw Onaip
  115. PK Kolossal
  116. PK PolozBazz
  117. NK Klauss
  118. PK Telecom
  119. PK Olimetkir
  120. NK Crippers
  121. NK Jupiters
  122. PK Krutimodw
  123. PK Kosmovox
  124. PK Bassurman
  125. NK BP Lead
  126. PK Sofdepiya
  127. PK Cosmovib
  128. PK SETI

About Nick, the author of this soundset

Nick Chronos, composer & sound designer, certified teacher of Steinberg/Yamaha & PluginBotique companies. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

more info soundbanks

Reviews from YouTube

Good programming ! JV1080 and 2080 (which I own) are underestimated synths. JV2080 is a good alternative to the JD990 (which I also own 3x!) But It must be said. Editing a 1080 is not difficult, but asks for patience because of limited display. There is a good freeware editor though.

These sound great!
Michael Warren

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