Roland JX-3P – “1983 Vintage Soundset”


JX3P – 36 years old analog beast with treasure hidden functions.
It can make wide pallete of sounds with trully vintage feel.
Thanks to Roland and midi standart – now you can easily load new presets in your grandpa JX.

LFO Store Team made 32 powerfull presets from scratch.
Powerfull basses, deep strings & pads, sharp plucks & detuned leads & fx’s.
Prests will be loaded in 32 user slots.
Isntalling sounds is easy: you will no need any midi upgrades.
We are using trusty old tape interface method – but instead of tape player – modern audio card.
Inside – simple instructions. You will need any sequencer – Cubase,Logic,Ableton. An audio card and one jack cable. In one minute.

Sounds are made by Serj,Nick & Kirill. Preset list:

1.Autumn Pad
2.Sync Bass
3.Helga Bass
4.Fading Bass
5.Clockwork Bass
6.Young Bass
7.Interval Bass
8.Garage Bass
9.S&H Pleasure
10.Melancholic Pad
11.Vintage Deepness Pad
12.Dust String
13.High String
14.Shimmer String
15.Hold Smooth Pad
16.Chick Pluck
1.Square Bass
2.Saw Bass
3.S&H Sync Lead
4.Delayed Pluck
5.Vintage Detuned Bass
6.Sync Pluck
7.Wobbling Pad
8.Square Mod Pluck
9.Fancy Bass
10.Liquid Bass
11.Analog 2 osc Lead
12.Epic Synth
13.Reso Squares Fx
14.Lovely Kuni Fx
15.Arabian Horse
16.Bomb Attack

Pad/String: 8
Bass: 12
Lead: 4
Pluck:4 Pluck
Fx: 4

= 32


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