Roland JX-3P – “1983 Vintage Soundset”

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JX3P – 36 years old analog beast with treasure hidden functions. It can make a wide pallet of sounds with a truly vintage feel. Thanks to Roland and midi standard – now you can easily load new presets in your grandpa JX.

LFO Store Team made 32 powerful presets from scratch. Powerful basses, deep strings & pads, sharp plucks & detuned leads & fx’s. Presets will be loaded in 32 user slots. Installing sounds is easy: you will not need any midi upgrades. We are using the trusty old tape interface method — but instead of tape player – modern audio card.

Inside – simple instructions. You will need any sequencer – Cubase, Logic, Ableton. An audio card and one jack cable. In one minute.

Sounds are made by Serj, Nick & Kirill.

Preset list:

  1. Autumn Pad
  2. Sync Bass
  3. Helga Bass
  4. Fading Bass
  5. Clockwork Bass
  6. Young Bass
  7. Interval Bass
  8. Garage Bass
  9. S&H Pleasure
  10. Melancholic Pad
  11. Vintage Deepness Pad
  12. Dust String
  13. High String
  14. Shimmer String
  15. Hold Smooth Pad
  16. Chick Pluck
  17. Square Bass
  18. Saw Bass
  19. S&H Sync Lead
  20. Delayed Pluck
  21. Vintage Detuned Bass
  22. Sync Pluck
  23. Wobbling Pad
  24. Square Mod Pluck
  25. Fancy Bass
  26. Liquid Bass
  27. Analog 2 osc Lead
  28. Epic Synth
  29. Reso Squares Fx
  30. Lovely Kuni Fx
  31. Arabian Horse
  32. Bomb Attack

Pad/String: 8
Bass: 12
Lead: 4
Pluck:4 Pluck
Fx: 4

= 32

About Nick, the author of this soundset

Anton Anru is a producer, sound designer, mix engineer, and music production trainer. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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Reviews from YouTube

Nice sounds. The JX3P has always fascinated me. Never gets the same kind of respect and herald as the Junos and Jupiters. But is capable of some amazing depth and textures. Even drum patches. Again well done for showcasing some magic.

Very cool sounds! Love my 3P
Alex Ball

The JX3p has its own sound. It is unique. To be honest I don’t find so smart the sounds with long envelopes, but that’s me of course.
Bab Mar

Beautiful piece at 4:00 Would love to hear that with a touch reverb and delay 🙂

Beautiful patches. Do you know if they’ll work on a kiwi modded Jx-3p?

amazing patches! It sounds as deep as JUNOs… an underrated synth IMHO

Very nice sounds. Good job!
Distortion Disorder

Nice patches
Dave McWilliam

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