Roland JX-8P – “Ambika” Soundset 32 Presets

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Welcome to “Ambika” soundset for your vintage pearl Roland JX-8P!

Right from 1985, in its glory, JX-8P still very popular analog polysynth.

And our soundset turn the grey beast in the lushest ambient machine of your dreams.

Our soundset combined with wonderful vst effect from Valhalla DSP – Supermassive. Combination of soft presets from JX-8P + deepness of reverberation & chorusing effects from Supermassive is beautiful!

Inside this set 32 User presets:

  • Beautiful Pads & Strings
  • Deep Drones & Spheres
  • Complex & Movement Sounds
  • Re-Creations of famous CS & Oberheim Series.


  1. NK Day1.syx
  2. NK Drifta.syx
  3. NK Uranus.syx
  4. NK CS-8P.syx
  5. NK JX-80.syx
  6. NK Dreamer.syx
  7. NK Muffin.syx
  8. NK Slow.syx
  9. NK Modular.syx
  10. NK Ober-8X.syx
  11. NK Saturn.syx
  12. NK Ambika.syx
  13. NK Squares.syx
  14. NK Morpho.syx
  15. NK Mars.syx
  16. NK Venus.syx
  17. NK Slosync.syx
  18. NK 198X.syx
  19. NK Big One.syx
  20. NK JX8 Soul.syx
  21. NK JX8 Heart.syx
  22. NK VCO Touch.syx
  23. NK Strike.syx
  24. NK Reverse.syx
  25. NK Engine.syx
  26. NK Voice.syx
  27. NK Voice 2.syx
  28. Idm Pad.syx
  29. NK Idm Pl.syx
  30. NK PWM’s.syx
  31. NK Tyrel.syx
  32. NK Rachel.syx

Re-Discover your 36 years old JX-8P with modern technology & approach.

Also, check DRY Demo:

About Nick, the author of this soundset

Nick Chronos, composer & sound designer, certified teacher of Steinberg/Yamaha & PluginBotique companies. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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