Uno Synth “The One” Soundset 80 Presets


Uno Synth – one of the greatest machines of last fiew years.
And you know it for powerfull analog 2 osc sound, acid, gritty & agressive timbres for such a small form-factor.

“The One” soundset contains 80 great Presets which are showing versatility of Uno synth engine & its hidden treassures.

Sequencesclassic & modular, famous “Stranger Things”, “Kraftwerk-Robots” etc
Leads: powerfull & classic, modern & modulated, Prodigy Style.
Strings: reach and wide, classic “Bladerunner” preset aswell
Ambient sounds: pads, drones, movements
Basses: classic, modern,wobble & detuned
Plucks & bells: from classic to synthwave
Seq+Play: unusual category where sequencer working like mod source
And many more!

All sounds are working with mod wheel of your keyboard & all Uno realtime controllers.
Enjoy & re-discover Uno Synth in the new way!

Reviews from YouTube

Nice work. There’s not too many vids with just the UNO. I like it. Make more please.
Gary Byrd

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