Waldorf Blofeld – “Rhythmica” (50 original presets)

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“Rhythmica” is a Waldorf Blofeld’s soundset that expresses “everything in motion” principle. Tired of boring linear sounds? We have a wonderful collection of 50 original presets where everything is constantly moving, changing and evolving! In addition, each of the presets changes when using the modulation wheel.

The sounds were prepared by renowned sound designer and composer, Otto K. Schwarz. In this soundset you will find different categories of sounds: bold basses, moving arpeggios, mysterious atmospheres, bright pads, interesting keys, cosmic leads and much more!

Whether you’re creating ambient, soundtracks, EDM or experimental music, this collection of sounds will be at your service!


  1. Serious Matter
  2. Crystallization
  3. Cell Nucleus
  4. The Dunes
  5. Future Dimension
  6. Orchestral
  7. Dolphins
  8. Mystical Steps
  9. Bright Sparkles
  10. Neurobubles
  11. Blasters
  12. Timeline
  13. Screamer
  14. Nightshift
  15. Orbital Movement
  16. Spaceship Repair
  17. Frozen Beauty
  18. Through Ages
  19. Moving Bass
  20. Sliding Arrows
  21. Cyber Security
  22. Devastator
  23. Bombardment
  24. Cosmic Codes
  25. TV Settings
  26. Amazon Jungle
  27. Futuristic City
  28. Fatcat
  29. Darkside Story
  30. Metal Drops
  31. Nervous
  32. Action Scene
  33. Bounty Glider
  34. Before The Race
  35. Mental Traveller
  36. Night Is Coming
  37. InterstellarTalk
  38. Summer Vibes
  39. Harpologia
  40. Black Pulsar
  41. Sweeptale
  42. Intro Titles
  43. Fight Challenge
  44. Enter The Matrix
  45. Action Drums
  46. On The Right Way
  47. AlienCafs Alarm
  48. Oversaturated
  49. Electrical Cable
  50. Moving Bells

50 exclusive royalty-free presets:
Atmospheres / ARPs / FXes / Keys / Leads / Pads / Sequences


No SL Licence is requested to install these presets = no samples were used during the production. It makes the process of installation much easier.


Installation instructions are inside the product pack.

About Otto — author of this soundset

Otto Schwarz is a founder of Ephilion project, composer, mastering engineer and sound designer.

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