Waldorf Blofeld – “Ambika” Soundset

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LFO Store is proud to present “Ambika” soundset for the bad guy – Waldorf Blofeld!

From the creator of “Organica” & “Cinematica” soundsets Nick Chronos right in your hands, right in your tracks.

50 atmospheric presets taken from Micro Q engine and converted to Blofeld format (yes, they are kinda similar)

Close your eyes, play the sounds, feel the legacy of PPG wave!

  1. Deepest and silkiest atmospheric pads
  2. Massive and fat analog strings
  3. Drones & Swells
  4. Dynamic arps
  5. Beautiful plucks and polys

50 presets in total, adapted for velocity & mw controllers.


  1. NK Star Garden
  2. NK Poly Wake
  3. NK Water Bell
  4. NK Past Echo
  5. NK Azimuth
  6. NK WT Lullaby
  7. NK Hope
  8. NK Triniun
  9. NK Karpus Mod
  10. NK Sirena
  11. NK Sirena 2
  12. NK Seq Chain
  13. NK Andromeda
  14. NK Saturn Ring
  15. NK Oasis
  16. NK Seismic
  17. NK Heartly
  18. NK Magnificent
  19. NK Intervalia
  20. NK JunAstalgia
  21. NK Meridian
  22. NK Rainbow
  23. NK FM Hit
  24. NK Sinus Arp
  25. NK Comb Love
  26. NK Hydra
  27. NK Cosmogonia
  28. NK Magic Times
  29. NK Autum S
  30. NK Saturn
  31. NK Sparks
  32. NK Mirror
  33. NK Dreamer
  34. NK Reflector
  35. NK Modular
  36. NK Lunar Echo
  37. NK Bellar
  38. NK Analog Beauit
  39. NK A New Era
  40. NK 1970S
  41. NK Terra Magic
  42. NK Crystalz
  43. NK Polychrome
  44. NK Slow Grand
  45. NK Filmscore
  46. NK Voice Past
  47. NK Hypnosis
  48. NK Movement
  49. NK Mono Sins
  50. NK Poly Wake2

Can be loaded into bank B on your Blofeld In sysex format, instructions are included.

About Nick — author of this soundset

Nick Chronos, composer & sound designer, certified teacher of Steinberg/Yamaha & PluginBotique companies. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

more info soundbanks

All Waldorf Blofeld soundsets made by Nick:

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