Waldorf Iridium / Quantum – “Cinematica” Soundset (50 Performances)

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A huge journey through amazing cinematic soundscapes awaits you! LFO Store and a well-known sound designer Otto K. Schwarz have prepared an outstanding soundset for you favourite Waldorf’s synthesizer – one of the most complex in terms of sound synthesis architecture. This soundset reveals various facets of the device, making the most of the Walforf’s sound processors possibilities and versatile types and methods of synthesis.

You will travel through the cities of ancient civilizations, outer spaces, differences in human feelings and emotions, various natural places (oceans, forests and even hot deserts), fields, mines and buildings. You’ll hear church bells, thrilling strings sections, atmospheric figurative sounds, and much more!

Each prepared preset may be modulated using the modwheel. Moving wavetable synthesis combined with unique granulation and resonance technologies, the use of the Kernel method and live-recorded samples. These presets are created for film scoring, but will be useful for ambient music and modern electronica / EDM as well – to create an extraordinary composition!

We wish you a pleasant journey!


– 50 high-quality multi-layered presets: 6 Atmospheres, 6 ARPs, 1 Bass, 4 Bells, 2 FXes, 6 Leads,  17 Pads, 4 Plucks, 1 String, 1 Synth, 2 Voices.
– 60Mb of .wav files (samples) for presets.

100% Royalty-Free.


We strongly advise you to install the latest software update for your hardware synthesizer. These presets were created using 2.8 version of April, 2022. The soundset is made on Iridium, however is fully compatible with Waldorf Quantum.

About Otto — author of this soundset

Otto Schwarz is a founder of Ephilion project, composer, mastering engineer and sound designer.

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