Yamaha TX802/DX7mkII/DX7 “Flashback” Soundset 128 Sounds

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“Flashback” programs bank for Yamaha six operators FM-series synthesizers (TX802 / DX7mkII / DX7) include 64 professional production-ready patches for making music in different genres: electronic, synth-wave, synthpop, ambient, cinematic.

“Flashback” distributing by a few standard SYX-files and DXM/DXP-files for DX Manager sound editor (https://www.fm-alive.com/pages/DXM.aspx).

Also, you may use Dexed (https://asb2m10.github.io/dexed/) for play or edit individual voice patches (see below for details).

Yamaha TX802 programs memory divided into voices memory and performances memory: one voice stores standard DX7 patch, one performance may include up to 8 standard DX7 patches.

“Flashback” programs bank includes 64 voice patches, stores in TX802 internal voices memory, and 64 performance patches, stores in TX802 internal performances memory.

All programs of “Flashback” program bank divided into 6 categories and marked by prefix in patch / performance name:

  • PD – pad-style sounds with long or very long attack for backgrounds or main themes. For some of pads you should wait for a few seconds to sound “open”. All pads are useful in cinematic / ambient genres.
  • SEQ – plucked sounds for build sequenced and arpeggiated parts in different genres.
  • BS – bass programs to use in different genres.
  • SYN – synth-like polyphonic sounds with short/mid attack to playing melodies and themes.
  • ATM – atmospheric pad-style sounds with long or ultra-long attack for backgrounds.
  • EFX – sound effects.

Made by talented Andrew Deviatikh – Saint-Petersburg based composer, sound producer, sound designer, keyboardist, and live performer.

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