Yamaha SY77/99 – 64 Ambient Analog Fm Patches

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FM Synthesis is Back!

The SY series synths are very complex and organic sounding.

Introducing unique 64 patches for older brothers from SY series!

Made by Nick Klimenko, author of WS Universe pack for Korg Wavestation & Organica pack for Waldorf Blofeld in collaboration with Loki (Ivan Vasiliev)

Here you will find:

  • Lush & complex ambient pads, swells, drones, textures.
  • Great strings from JP, JX, Juno series (emulations)
  • Very organic solo leads with dedicated expressively
  • Beautiful FM bells, plucks, complex structures
  • Powerful FM basses combined with advanced AWM osc’s
  • Our great “Alive” patch created specially for this series

All patches working with MW 1&2 + Aftertouch.

Also working with TG77.

Attention: NOT tested directly on SY99 – might be differences in sounds & might be that internal effects on 99 will be bypassed!

Patch list:

  1. MarsLife
  2. Galaxy
  3. Meditate
  4. BluePad
  6. FM2Lead
  7. PolyEye
  8. FM Lead
  9. AN Bell
  10. SY Bell
  11. LandPad
  12. Voicez
  13. DawnPad
  14. TalePad
  15. Warm2Pd
  16. Warm Pd
  17. FM3Lead
  18. Gentle
  19. RealAN
  20. Massive
  21. Dionics
  22. Humana
  23. Paddin
  24. Cinema
  25. Alive!!
  26. Bass FM
  27. Moveing
  28. fmBassDX
  29. Leader
  30. BowlPad
  31. Calmnes
  32. Majesty
  33. fmBassSY
  34. fmPolySY
  35. Crystal
  36. 2Crystal
  37. Celtic
  38. MoLead
  39. ManySaw
  40. Onair
  41. JPPad
  42. LoLead
  43. fmBass2
  44. Bass1FM
  45. Vibra Bl
  46. DX Bell
  47. FarBell
  48. SoulPad
  49. IceCream
  50. IceDream
  51. RusBell
  52. Springs
  53. loki t2
  54. JDPad
  55. KeysOhm
  56. JUPad
  57. loki t3
  58. loki3fmPad
  59. Orchest
  60. Clocks
  61. AgeIce
  62. KyriePD
  63. 2KyriePD
  64. JXPad

64 Ambient Analog Fm Patches used by Laura

About Nick, the author of this soundset

Nick Chronos, composer & sound designer, certified teacher of Steinberg/Yamaha & PluginBotique companies. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

more info soundbanks

Reviews from YouTube

Damn this is tempting me, these sound excellent. Such a monster of a synth, I’ve made a few patches for it but there are so many possibilities.

One of the best yamaha’ synth made.
Mysterio F.T.S.

Purchased in an eyeblink, Nick you did it again…. my old TG77 will live a new life with this. Again you saved me a lot of money because the need of new gear is gone now. My GAS has been converted into PAS (P stands for patch) :-))
Rik Vanhoenacker

LFO Store: I found one for EUR 320;-. Good deal? Greetings from Austria
Wolfgang Markus Gstrein

Right …lets try these on the sy99. I’ll let you know how it goes

It says: I’m here.
George Jennings

Just bought! Excellent patches that will go into my TG77
Simon Matele

Dreams One Planetoid

A true classic, one of the best digital synths of the late 80s/early 90s.
Snupps Synth channel

All Yamaha SY22, SY35, SY55/TG55, SY77/99 soundsets made by Nick:

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  1. Thomas

    Hi Nick, basically your patches okay working on my SY99. Of course without effect block usage.
    It’s a little disappointing, that FM patches have been promoted, but actually half the patches are AWM2 and and not AFM … Nevertheless your voices are fine. ATB, Thomas

  2. mjs6z

    I don’t know if you ever have a chance to hear what people do with the
    you create.
    The link below is your mars life patch on SY77 (starts at about 1:28),
    giving this patch some extra external effects
    can really make this sound haunted in a way. Nice work.


    Regards Laura

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