Chronos Signature – Ambient-Producer (Samplepack)


This huge samplepack contains 1400 samples – one shots & loops!
Here you will find all what you need to produce:

*Downtempo & Trip hop
*Cinematic Music
*Advertisment Soundtrack
*Original Soundtracks

Basicly its Nick Klimenko’s three samplepacks combined in one:

Chronos Signature – Ambient Factory
Chronos Signature – Downtempo Konstruktor
Chronos Signature – Cinematic Landscapes

Whats inside?

500 atmospheric sounds in wave format.

The palette of sounds is very wide  – from analog strings, dreamy pads to another world sounds, re-sampled landscapes, moving sounds, wind bell pads & soviet synth sounds. This library is a great add-on for the creation of atmospheres, deepness, intro’s & outro’s in your music

485 high quality 24/44 wav samples: one shots & loops

Splitted on 9 Boxes:

Analog Box – various analog sounds, basses, sequences,arps, fx, leads, drones.
Complex Box – various ambient sounds, sequences, modular sounds, drones
Digital Box – various sequences
Loops Box – clean & processed loops
Modular Box – various unusual loops. sequences, comples sounds & fx
Sequence Box – analog sequences
Time Box – vintage & modern sounds from classic synth
Vintage Box – vintage style sequences
Wavetable Box – most complex box contains all type of sounds.


400 Cinematic Single Sampleshigh quality 24/44 

Pads – 29
Drones – 25
Textures – 72
Landscapes – 38
Guitars – 20
FX – 55
Vectors – 55
Field Recordings – 43
Acoustic Instruments – 58

Enjoy and check all our demos below!

Reviews from YouTube

well done!!
Chos Sku Tshad-ma

fronerpub diolakla

Is this available somewhere?
Clay LaHatte

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