Access Virus FREE Emulation (Osirus) – “Best Analog&Ambient” Soundset

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The Future Is Now!

Finally, famous Motorola DSP56300 emulated in computer!

The Virus B, C,TI, SNOW, Waldorf Micro Q and other famous synths were made with this baby in heart.

Introducing OsTIrus & Osirus – two VST plugins with 100% full emulation of all Access Virus Synthesizers on your MAC & PC for FREE!

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This pack contains all installation files & instruction & original OS from Access website to install & Enjoy Virus Universe wherever you are!

And our soundset “Best Analog&Ambient Sounds” with 128 organic presets for both plugins!

This unique soundset – contains 128 atmospheric sounds.

Over 120 pads & strings. 18 plucks, arps & bells.

It’s the first time you can get so many useful atmospheric sounds for your production collected in one soundset.

By Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of “Organica” for Waldorf Blofeld & “WS Universe” for Korg Wavestation.

All sounds of soundset bpm syncable & modulation wheel approved.

Powerful unison strings, stunning unusual arps, deep pads & polys great for soundtrack atmosphere, synth-pop & retro wave music, dancefloor music.

Powerful unison basses, stunning mono & poly leads, sharp plucks, dynamic & wide arps, deep & realistic strings. Great for soundtrack atmosphere, synth-pop & retro wave music, dance floor music.


  • Basses
  • Leads
  • Plucks
  • Strings/Pads
  • Arps

Rediscover & Enjoy The Virus Legacy!


About Nick, the author of this soundset

Nick Chronos, composer & sound designer, certified teacher of Steinberg/Yamaha & PluginBotique companies. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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