OsTIrus (Virus Ti emulation) – “Meditation” Soundset (55 presets)

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The Future Is Now!

Finally famous Motorola DSP56300 emulated in computer!

Introducing OsTIrus – VST/AU plugin with 100% full emulation of all Access Virus Ti Synthesizer on your MAC & PC for FREE!

Please support developers here: https://dsp56300.wordpress.com/ostirus-downloads/

This pack contains all installation files & instruction & original OS from Access website to install = enjoy Virus Universe wherever you are!


There are things that do not lose value over the years – gold, platinum, true feelings and the Virus Ti! This synthesizer remains the best virtual analogue device on the market, despite the fact that its release took place more than 15 years ago. For Otto K. Schwarz, this synthesizer has a fateful significance – his career as a sound designer began in 2011, when he started to collaborate with Access Music regarding creating new presets for Virus Ti.

We decided to create a soundbank for your intention to compose harmonizing music, in which imitation of living ethnic instruments, soft and gentle pads, fantastic arpeggios, bright analog leads and even the effects of nature and the environment will be organically intertwined! This soundset is suitable for both studio work and live performances and could be easily added to your synth in a minute using the Total Integration software.

We are happy to share our more than 15+ years of experience with this device. You will receive presets in which every detail is perfected. Each preset is carefully prepared, with modwheel assigned, as well as 3 modulation knobs to customize sounds deeply to the needs of your musical works. Be prepared to the next-level presets!


In this soundset you will find 55 exclusive presets: 20 Pads, 10 Instruments, 10 ARPs 8 FXes & 6 Synths. All presets are royalty-free!

Patch list:


Installation instructions are inside the product pack.


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Let the Force & Inspiration be with You!

About Otto — author of this soundset

Otto Schwarz is a founder of Ephilion project, composer, mastering engineer and sound designer.

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