Arturia Pigments – “Abyss” Soundset 40 Presets

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Rhythm Lab is thrilled to introduce Abyss – an exceptional soundset thoughtfully crafted for a wide array of musical styles including

Ambient, Drone, Cinematic, Dub Techno, Electronica, Soundtrack, Dark Ambient, and Triphop.

This unique collection comprises 40 meticulously designed presets,

  • Encompassing lush pads,
  • mesmerizing sequences,
  • evocative atmospheres,
  • captivating leads,
  • rich textures,
  • immersive effects.

Every preset within the soundset is assigned modulation wheel parameters and all four macros, providing ample opportunities for dynamic timbral exploration and expression.

Immerse yourself in the sonic depths of Abyss, where creativity knows no bounds.

The demo song was created without any processing applied.


Unpack the archive, then select “Import” from the main Pigments menu and locate the file “Rhythm Lab Abyss for Pigments 5.pgtx”

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