Kilohearts Phase Plant – “Space Explorations” (50 Exclusive Presets)

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Phaseplant is an impressive next-gen software synthesizer with classical subtractive synthesis, wavetables, sample player and granular algorithm on board! It allows you to connect an unlimited number of modules together quickly and conveniently, and also includes advanced effects chains, making sound design incredibly fun.

In this soundbank, LFO Store’s sound designer, Otto K. Schwarz, made the most of PhasePlant’s potential by creating an exclusive 50 multi-layered presets, each with its own unique modulation features. Here you will find atmospheric pads, bright plucks, exciting cosmic leads, powerful sequences, and even more. These sounds are perfect for different styles of electronic music, as well as for scoring soundtracks.

Each preset is modwheel – assigned and has 4 to 8 additional modulation knobs – this allows you to modulate and customize the sounds to the needs of your own musical works. Each preset is accompanied by a philosophical quote for inspiration. Explore the capabilities of the Phase Plant synthesizer and let your musical compositions reach a new quality level!


In this soundset you will find 50 presets. All presets are royalty-free!

This package is consist of 5 Atmospheres, 10 Keys, 13 Leads, 17 Pads & 5 Sequences.


  1. ATM Calmness.phaseplant
  2. ATM Constellation.phaseplant
  3. ATM Microscopic.phaseplant
  4. ATM Nebula.phaseplant
  5. ATM Zodiac Sign.phaseplant
  6. KE Ambient Piano.phaseplant
  7. KE Aphelion.phaseplant
  8. KE Apogee.phaseplant
  9. KE Ephemeris.phaseplant
  10. KE Lucid Dreaming.phaseplant
  11. KE Magnitude.phaseplant 3
  12. KE Memories.phaseplant
  13. KE Milky Way.phaseplant
  14. KE Orbiting.phaseplant
  15. KE String Theory.phaseplant
  16. LD Bladerunner.phaseplant
  17. LD Comets.phaseplant
  18. LD Cosmic Brass.phaseplant
  19. LD Cyber Security.phaseplant
  20. LD Electrosphere.phaseplant
  21. LD Finderscope.phaseplant
  22. LD Fury.phaseplant
  23. LD Gravity.phaseplant
  24. LD Guitamaut.phaseplant
  25. LD Imaginary Flute.phaseplant
  26. LD Space Cat.phaseplant
  27. LD Space Voice.phaseplant
  28. LD Zenith.phaseplant
  29. PD Aerialourney.phaseplant
  30. PD Beauty.phaseplant
  31. PD Catharsis.phaseplant
  32. PD Celestial Sphere.phaseplant
  33. PD Centaurus.phaseplant
  34. PD Crystalscape.phaseplant
  35. PD Equinox.phaseplant
  36. PD Insights.phaseplant
  37. PD Meditation.phaseplant
  38. PD Movements.phaseplant
  39. PD Observer’s Horizon.phaseplant
  40. PD Planisphere.phaseplant
  41. PD Pleroma.phaseplant
  42. PD Refractor.phaseplant
  43. PD Satellite.phaseplant
  44. PD Space Odyssey.phaseplant
  45. PD Ursae Majoris.phaseplant
  46. SQ City Lights.phaseplant
  47. SQ Moonwalk.phaseplant
  48. SQ Quantum Particles.phaseplant
  49. SQ Spacestation.phaseplant
  50. SQ Steampunk.phaseplant


Installation instructions are inside the product pack.

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Best wishes,
LFO Store team

About Otto — author of this soundset

Otto Schwarz is a founder of Ephilion project, composer, mastering engineer and sound designer. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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