Roland System-8 “Cinematic Spirit” Jupiter Plugout

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WORKING with Roland Cloud JUPITER-4, JUPITER-8, and JUNO 106 version 2.0 updates!!!

The legend is Reborn!

Introducing 64 cinematic presets for Jupiter-8 Plugout in Aira RangeSystem-8 & Roland Cloud!

Sys-8 is a great machine capable to produce so many great colors and movements, atmos & truly organic structures.

“Cinematic Spirit” contains great authentic reproduction of classic Roland Jupiter sounds among with modern timbres, thanks to System-8 engine!

We made many great sounds & arps to show possibilities of dream machine & its hidden treasures we found during exploring.

You will find here silky & beauty plucks with unusual modulation, deep & overdrive leads, many atmospheric pads & strings, unusual arpeggios & basses & many more.

Explore your System-8 Machine & dive deeper with Jupiter-8 sounds! To load sounds you will need any possible SD card & Rolands attached video to this pack.

Patch List:

  1. NK Jupiter Slide
  2. NK OrbitalString
  3. NK JP-UnisonArp
  4. NK CinematicArp
  5. NK Uni Stack
  6. NK 1983 Truth
  7. NK Ba-Bass
  8. NK Cavern One
  9. NK MemoriesStr
  10. NK AMod Electron
  11. NK JP InterPad
  12. NK AliveBeauity
  13. NK 8th Peak
  14. NK Hold Leader
  15. NK JupPowered
  16. NK Grand Optica
  17. NK Jupiter Lead
  18. NK So Deeeep
  19. NK Lush Dawn
  20. NK Demping Arp
  21. NK SpiritMaker
  22. NK OuterSpace
  23. NK Phased Drift
  24. NK Jupiter8Str
  25. NK Deep Forest
  26. NK Silk Lives
  27. NK Saver Bass
  28. NK Saver Bass 2
  29. NK Warm Pad
  30. NK CrystalVoices
  31. NK Disto-Shake
  32. NK83 UNI Bass
  33. NK Arpg Andromed
  34. NK JP8Pad Massiv
  35. NK Arpg Nova
  36. NK82 Soloista
  37. NK83 Sys8
  38. NK PolaPluckArp
  39. NK Jupiter Ring
  40. NK SpaceDropz
  41. NK81 NEO Lead
  42. NK81 Mars Sync
  43. NK81 Mars Sync2
  44. NK81 Fat!
  45. NK82 Korpus
  46. NK VenuString
  47. NK81 Synt
  48. NK81 Poly8
  49. NK GladiatorSt
  50. NK GladiatorSt2
  51. NK81 Yellow Str
  52. NK81 UniBrass
  53. NK81 OldBrass
  54. NK DriftMan
  55. NK81 Hard Blur
  56. NK81 Soft Blur
  57. NK81 Hard Blend
  58. NK Cosma Arp
  59. NK Cosma Arp2
  60. NK Asteroid Arp
  61. NK Deep Lead
  62. NK Pluckalog
  63. NK82 Harp
  64. NK Tyrell String

About Nick, the author of this soundset

Nick Chronos, composer & sound designer, certified teacher of Steinberg/Yamaha & PluginBotique companies. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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