U-He Repro-5 – Cosmic Pads & Drones by Anton Anru

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My previous soundset for U-He Repro-5 (https://lfo.store/shop/software-synths/u-he-repro/u-he-repro-5-soundset-a-hundred/) received many positive comments and attracted much attention to this amazing virtual synth.

Lots of people supported the bank, so I decided to do a sort of bonus: 20 thematic presets – Cosmic Pads And Drones.

Lo-fi, dirty, distorted, inharmonic, noisy, space, atmospheric pads are the right things for creating a cosmic vibe.

Add the true character of the Universe to your music, video, game using these patches.

Reviews from YouTube

Gorgeous work, Anton!!!

Different Gravity inspired by Steve Reich? Love it! Great works.

My favorite cosmic pads presets so far! Amazing!
TURPAK | Background Music for Videos

Love your sounds, you are a great programmer!.
Mr Tibbs

Wow, i got shivers listening to this. Incredible work
Cinco Sound

Sure is Beautiful sounds like and subscribe to your channel
CO.AG Music

These are really nice!
Simon Gregory

Very nice sounds!

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