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Anton Anru – A Hundred (soundset for U-He Repro 5)

Here is a bank of presets for a relatively new virtual synthesizer U-He – Repro-5.

It is an emulation of a legendary analog synthesizer – Sequential Circuits Prophet 5. And this emulation sounds fantastic! It’s absolutely powerful, phat, lively – just like the original synth.

The quality and the functionality of the brand-new plugin immediately inspired me to start creating and saving presets, one by one.

After a couple dozens of them I decided to make a complete soundset in order to share it with electronic music producers, sound designers and synth-lovers.

The bank consists of:

  1. 18 Leads
  2. 16 Basses
  3. 15 Pads
  4. 11 Plucks
  5. 13 Keys
  6. 16 Synths
  7. 11 FXs

A hundred in total.

There are harsh, metallic, powerful sounds, as well as mild, intimate and soft ones. Some timbres are quite well-known, classic and must-have, others are experimental, unique and never heard before (supposedly). All the sounds are universal and suitable for every modern genre. It depends on your imagination.

It is strongly recommended trying every preset in different note ranges, e.g. a bass may turn into an interesting lead at higher notes; or keys may sound like bells if are played couple octaves higher.

So you get even more than 100 sounds as a patch may play different roles just because of an octave. Not to mention the Mod Wheel, that may change a sound drastically.

The built-in effects are applied in most patches, so the sounds are ready to go and may be used as they are without additional tweaking.

Each patch has a short description with my vision of how to use a patch, e.g. nice at low notes, use it for sequences or arpeggios.

Also, there is some technical information, e.g. Mod Wheel influences on the brightness of the sound.

Sections «Categories», «Features» and «Character» are thoroughly filled, so you can easily find a needed sound with the help of tags.


You should put the «Anton Anru – A Hundred» folder in the Repro 5 presets folder.

By default, its path is:

  • Mac: /Users/(user name)/Library/Audio/Presets/u-he/Repro-5
  • Windows: /ProgramData/U-he/Repro-1.data/Presets/Repro-5/

Another easy way to find the folder with Repro 5 presets is the following: run the plugin, go to the presets section, right-click on any folder or preset, in the pop-up menu choose «Reveal in Finder» (mac) or Open in Explorer (win).

About me:

I’m Anton Anru – music producer, sound designer and Ableton Live trainer. For many years I’ve been working with music and feel special passion for synthesizers.

I own some hardware synths, tweaked many of modern and vintage ones, not to mention VST-plugins. Most of the time when I create a sound I try to use the functionality of a synth as deep as possible, so I reveal the individuality and character of a synth in a detailed way.

This may take the music where such timbres are used on a higher level, as deepness and uniqueness are already attached to the sound.

I’m sure, anyone will find something close to his or her heart inside my soundsets and immediately imagine some piece of music, where a timbre fits best.

If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback – please, feel free to contact me:

About Anru, the author of this soundset

Anton Anru is a producer, sound designer, mix engineer, and music production trainer. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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Reviews from YouTube

These are beautiful, some of them are literally wetting my eyes and giving me shivers

You play really well.good taste i must say
D’s Music

Best preset ever made: the init preset. An alltime classic 🙂

Been messing round with soft synths for over 20 years and the Repro is the best analogue I’ve heard. CPU killer in HQ mode though.
Jeff Black

Absolutely great soundbank Anton, a must for every Repro guy.. such powerful sounds, looks like you’re really talented!

Instant buy, thank you for this very good soundset !

Great sound set 😀
100 Things I Do

Very Nice job.

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  1. Belyaev.

    “Super cool synth and presets! good job.”

  2. 100 Things I.

    “Great sound set :D. “

  3. Julien_Unison_666.

    “Instant buy, thank you for this very good soundset!”

  4. Ольга Галахова.

    “Great job! Cool sounds, easy search with associative names and contents!”

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